Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Trend: Tortoise Watches!

My mum recently got me a very beautiful watch for no apparent reason and I can't explain how grateful I am! Here's a few snapshots:

(ignore the terrible nails! yikes!)

It's the Fossil Stella Tortoise Resin Watch and you can find it here. It came in this really cute tin but had not-so-cute paper inserts. But the cardboard inside only made the perfection of this watch standout more! It's two chains too long so I have to take it to Macy's to get it resized. I really love the colors and I've been crazing a tortoise watch for SO long.

I think this is a great accessory for this spring and have come up with a few outfits on my polyvore to give some inspirations as to what to pair the beautiful piece with.
Thanks for checking out my blog and stick around for more trends and style posts! x

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Style

hello! my name is nat. i don't like capital letters, capitol thinkers, or caps in general. please don't badger me if i actually do use proper sentence structure later in my blogging, this isjust easier as of now. this blog is a dedication to my ever changing sense of style.

i'll tell you a little bit about myself. i enjoy traveling, youtube, making short videos, filming, alexa chung, the 1975, gossip girl, adventure time, baking, being a giant women-child-thing, pastels, black and white, a good brow, tumblr, amethyst crystals, crocheted items, enticing books, any and all documentaries and sturdy glasses. but other than that, i don't dislike much, i guess.

a few of my muses (top: the rolling stones;bottom: alexa)

 early on, i came to realize own style and influences through movies, magazines, and my rather chill aunts. right now, my inspiration comes from australia and new york city. this is mainly accredited to my tumblr dash but recently i have taken to instagram and actual style bloggers (insta user: meowshelbs and blogger: flolovesclothes). i also run a semi-successful polyvore that i pride in late at night when my friends finally fall asleep at our sleepovers.

 my social media muses (top: shelby;bottom: florencia)

i recently was told by my manager at my retail job (which will remain unnamed but will most likely become obvious), where i have been a sales associate for over a year, that my style is lacking...."oomph". i do happen to dress like a combination of Joan Jett and Lindsay Weir from Freaks & Geeks but the point is that....that's not really what's going through my mind relating to style or fashion. that's simply how i dress because i find it most comfortable and it's what fits my body?

my everyday inspiration (top: lindsay weir;bottom:kristin stewart)

by starting this blog, i plan on not only helping myself through the land of style but to help any other clueless, previous tomboys like myself x