Saturday, January 31, 2015

labyrinthine // february '15 playlist

I've actually been working on this one since the beginning of January :) It's a bit bigger than the rest of my playlists but I couldn't figure out which songs I liked best so I chose them all!

Here's the lineup yo:

Sam's Town - 2006/Live from Abbey Road by The Killers
Guilty Filthy Soul by AWOLNATION
Don't Play by Travi$ Scott & he 1975
Something In The Way Live at MTV Unplugged by Nirvana
Girlfriend In A Coma - 2011 Remastered Version by The Smiths
Heart Lie Yours by Willamette Stone
Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory
Keep Yourself Warm by Frightened Rabbit
The Jet Lag Blues by Elephant Revival
Dead Rabbit Hopes by The Shoe
His Gorgeousness by The Show
Pretty Face by Soley
All Those Friendly People by Funeral Suits
Villages by Alpine
Travelling by The Paper Lions
Raggamuffin by Selah Sue
L.I.F.EG.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah And The Whale
Puzzle Pieces by Saint Motel
Big Parade by The Lumineers
Trojans by Atlas Genius
Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron
Hate Me by Blue October
Little Grace by Hippo Campus
Wait Up by Bogan Via
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last
King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel
Tonight You Belong To Me by Eddie Vedder & Cat Power
Duel Of The Fates from Star Wars Episode: I by John Williams
Brain Stew by Green Day
Flawless Remix by Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj
Beautiful War by Kings of Leon
Temple by Kings of Leon
Knocked Up by Kings of Leon
Judy Is A Punk - Remastered Version by Ramones
Brand New Key by Melanie
Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons
Back Down the Black by Boy & Bear
Glacier (Atu Remix)by James Vincent McMorrow
All I Wanted by Paramore
Hang Me Up To Dry by Cold War Kids
Last Nite by The Strokes
Witching Hour by Little Green Cars
Tenenbaum by The Paper Kites
Bros by Wolf Alice
Sun Shy by Dresses
Anklebiters by Paramore
I. Flight Of The Navigator by Childish Gambino
Only One by Kanye West & Paul McCartney

Make sure to check it out on Spotify!
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Film Friday // 2

01.23.15 - 01.29.15

The Fault In Our Stars 2014

Pain demands to be felt and I feel it every single time I watch this film...The first time I saw it was in theaters with M and, well, I profusely leaked out of my eyes and wore sunglasses to hide the puffiness from the theater employees. By far one of my favorite stories and films of 2014.
Uptown Girls 2003

This film used to be one of the only DVDs I owned when I first got a tv in my room (whoa, back in 7th grade?). So, of course, I watched it and only it to sleep. I haven't actually seen in since then but I never realized how short it is! I absolutely wish it was loner so I could see more of my fav B-Murphs. Ultimately, one of my favorite actors and movies!
Maleficent 2014


Honestly, one of my favorite Disney reworks in a while. Angelina has always been one of my favorites and her as Maleficent is just simply outstanding, magnetic! I always found myself sympathizing with her and putting down other characters I never would've. I've been putting off watching this movie because I thought that I would eventually dislike Angie the Great but it only made me love her incredibly more! Elle Fanning did wonderful as Aurora but Maleficent always stole the show, along with Diaval (also one of my favorite characters). The thing that got me hooked right away was the visuals and amazing CG. I'm a stickler for a good visuals and  killer concept art. Here's some that I found:


Photos from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Few Videos I Just Can't Keep To Myself

The first video I MUST help others witness is of a Japanese girls, Reika Ozeki's, vines. My brother texted me this Youtube link out of nowhere (as does the rest of my family) and I can't stop laughing. Her tones of her voice and her range are making me cackle so hard that I'm scaring M's dog. I can't deal with her but I need to witness more?

The next video is controversial...The Sia video featuring Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler. I mean, I don't want to offend pople but this video is insanely emotional. That little girl can dance and if it was anyone else but a famous man (who recently came out as having been raped) and a famous young girl, it wouldn't have been made into a "scandal". Great song, great video and I can totally see what the dance is supposed to portray.

The third video is a movie trailer I'm INCREDIBLY stoked for. You have no clue...Pan. Apparently people were upset about Rooney Mara playing Tiger Lily but, hey, I'm Native American and I'm fine with it? They're called actors for a reason, they act? Also, Garrett Hedlund is one of my favorite actors. I also just realized he looks like my friend's boyfriend...huh. I'm honestly, I just, I cannot seem to catch my breath. Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories and it's just wow. Also, Cara and Hook and Blackbeard and the fact that they start at the beginning of both Pan AND Hook. I'm in awe.

Also, I've been heavily crushing on everyone over at BuzzfeedVideo and this is classier than I could ever be.

And last, but not least...

No one will ever understand my love for Miles Teller and the fact that he's in a new Marvel movie is going to put me into the hospital. I am so excited for this movie. It looks better than the earlier films and it's also a breath of fresh air from the Avengers. Can't wait!

Thanks for putting up with me bouncing off the walls
x N

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things I Learned While Keeping a Journal

1. People Don't Respect Long Hand Anymore (But oh they like to judge)
"Oh she's writing love letters!" Listen, I understand that writing long hand in the center of dozens of people on their phones or making rude remarks may seem weird but...Oh, no wait. It's not.

2. I'm Not For Censoring Myself
If I want to write down the terribly embarrassing details of a dream I had before I forget it, I simply cannot with one of my bosses sitting a mere 7 inches away from me. Also, not swearing out loud is hard enough, what do you think my journals sound like? I'm a sailor.

3. It's Hard To Gauge How Much Is Needed
Time and space. Sometime, I plan to write only a few lines or to just vent a bit about my day...but then it turns into the next Declaration of Independence and an hour and forty-seven minutes later, I'm relieving my John Hancock at the bottom of page six hundred and thirty two. It's hard to stop yourself when your on a roll, but why should we? Sure there's the time thing but I guess I'll just have to learn how to make a bulleted list and a couple engaging topics.

4. Time By Myself Is OK
I used to get really upset being alone. I thought because someone wasn't talking to me at that moment, I probably wasn't worth their company anyway. But then I realized that I don't have to impress anyone else but myself. It was then I started to be more creative with my journaling. Light watercolor paintings, sharpie drawings, even pressed flowers remain in my past journals and I just continue on creating by myself and happy.

5. My Handwriting Is Terrible
It's been a few years since I was forced to write long hand everyday for eight hours a day...Okay, only two years but honestly, I have no idea where my penmanship went. It's like I fell back into kindergarten...without. the. naps.

x N

Photos are my own stills from my recent video.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday Off

Friday, I pressed my snooze button so often that I nearly ran late. 6:41 AM and I still didn't have my coat on nor my second shoe. It was "Twin Day" at work and since M and I work together, we'd picked out our conjoining outfits the night before...The only hitch? My hair.
In the bleak, grey morning light coming through the balcony door, I quickly threw my catastrophe of a mane into a terrible milkmaid style with three pins holding the bomb together. Little did I know, this hairstyle would stay intact through the weekend's baths, sleepy tossing and turning, silly crafts and even cleaning.

Happy Saturday, it is!

Today is the first day in the past week that I've not had to get up at 5:54 AM. I sat in bed until the sun went down, though you couldn't tell due to the overcast. I had a leftover donut from the day before and tea from a huge box that I received from A for Christmas. I also sat around and watched a few films...look out for my post on Friday!

x N

Photos are mine.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

7 Things That Made Me Happy This Week // 1

I'm starting this new weekly post that will be about the things I'm grateful for or made me happy in the previous week. Everyday, I must come up with something in that day that had impacted me positively whether it's food, a friend, a stupid poem or a great album, I need to start seeing the positive things in life. And how better than writing it down in a blog post? I got this post idea from Cider With Rosie, one of my favorite blogs and people!

Sunday: Ewan McGregor
I don't know what it is about that deep Scottish accent and plethora of hairstyles but this man will always be my number one. I think it was last week or the week before when I started watching the prequel Star Wars trilogy again but I came to realize how many movies Ewan was in that I actually really loved. I don't know how many times I've seen Moulin Rouge but it's enough to be insane, I'm sure. The reason Mr. McGregor made me happy this week is because I spent a day in bed watching his movies and being completely content with a cup of tea and a few snacks. If you wanted to see how I liked Big Fish and Trainspotting check out my last blog post!

Monday: Mum's Cooking
Mum made BBQ and red skin potatoes and mixed vegetables when I came over for dinner and it was absolutely amazing. I always forget how much I adore my mother for realizing when I need food and when my bank account is so low that I need to sneak in and snack on her fridge. Sometimes, I just stroll in and start whispering "snacks" around the door frames and walls until someone comes out and finds/brings me a cookie or something chocolaty...Yes, I understand I'm a giant child.

Tuesday: Horror Movies!

I can't just ignore the big horror category on Netflix. Everyday it stares me in the eyes, basically flashing and begging for me to click with my ever hovering mouse or switch of the handheld remote control of my PS3...Though, M and A (my roommates) actually don't watch them that often and we share a single small television, I managed to get through a few this Tuesday and I'm planning to watch more. Zombies have never been my thing but all other horror movies? Sign me up.

Wednesday: Washing Laundry
No, but literally, I've been meaning to wash clothes for an incessant amount of time and just now getting to them is possibly the best feeling ever. Especially when certain sweatshirts with the certain hood that fits perfectly around my head get out of the ultra heated dryer...W O W

Thursday: Dirty Chai
I got let out of work early but that didn't stop me from getting a Chai tea latte with a splash of espresso. I got so much done this day in terms of home and online clutter (247 emails, really!?) I'm a caffeine addict and it's very apparent via my bank account. But this day, it was worth it :)

Friday: Shoppin'
What can I say? It's pay day and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The blog post on my purchased (and gifted) items is here.

Saturday: This Donut Thing

I don't know, it was pretty rad. Saturday was pretty cool, all and all to be fair.

x N

Photos from here, here, here, and the last is mine.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Recent Purchases // 1.23.15

I recently received a few things from my mum and purchased a few things and I wanted to show you them because THEY LOOK SO NICE! Here they are:

i. Free People Wanderer Mini Dress
 (or "tunic" on me)



 (genuinely had no clue this was a maternity sweater???)



I thoroughly enjoyed taking these photos (even if it was a quick 20 minutes). I use a tiny point and shoot, a Sony DSC-W710 but turned out better than I thought they would! I think the difficult part was the background as mine is black AND white, it's hard to figure placement. I don't like to splurge or brag and I don't spend money that often but I just figured "hey why not take pretty pictures of these pretty things??". I want to thank M for the cute hanger prop :)
x N

Film Friday // 1

If you didn't know, I'm extremely obsessed with film and television. I recently started a few tags on my tumblr dedicated to movies and tv shows I like/would like to see. I've always tried to keep a list of films I want to see and slowly cross them off as I get to the each one but recently I've kept another sort of list. A list of movies I've watched, old or new and in order. This year, my goal is to see how many films I can watch and to write a bit about them and how I liked them. So this is the beginning of Film Friday which I, the very secluded film school reject, will do every week or two to get used to typing my thoughts out.

01.16.15 - 01.22.15

Big Fish 2003

I actually avoided watching this movie for a long time...A boy I used to be infatuated with told me to watch it and I've associated this beautiful movie with him ever since. Boys ruin everything cool! I'm actually so happy I watched this, it's so intricate and fascinating. Tim Burton happens to be one of my favorite directors and the fact that he did something so metaphorical versus his usual literal fantasies is pretty cool. The story is about an average man's outrageous stories that turn out to be not as exaggerated as his son thought. I recommend this to anyone looking for adventure and travel!

Trainspotting 1996

 This film was really gritty and the embodiment of the 90s, which is really amazing and cool...but while I was watching it, I started to romanticize heroin which I have never done. It may have happened because early 2000s Ewan McGregor is everything I need but that shouldn't be an excuse. I really liked this movie, acting was great, cinematography is an aspect I greatly admire and for a television film it was insanely awesome. I don't recommend watching it when you're really down but it's introspective and rough and it's art.
Small Soldiers 1998

 I watched this Movie with my family on Sunday and I never realized how silly it was. The graphics are outdated but for it's time, it's still pretty good. I actually really like the plot and idea of this movie and it never gets old. Who doesn't want their toys to free think and defend you? And who doesn't love young Kirsten Dunst sans the fangs? One of my childhood favorites!
First Men In The Moon 1964

This film was a little odd. I watched it with my great grandma (who is 90) and she thought it looked great! I loved the coloring and the acting but it was a little silly. I'm sure in it's day that it was amazing and everyone loved it but the puppet monsters and men in bug costumes was a little off putting. The time when the three main characters headed to the moon was 1890 and the costumes and feel of the architecture was of the same era. There was even a little lady power to this oldie! I've heard of the recent 2010 film but I really liked this for the idea, maybe I should read the book.
The Awakening 2011

 Yes, that is little Bran Stark! I've been meaning to check out the works of my favorite characters from GoT but haven't had the chance, until I discovered this little gem on Netflix. My love for horror/thriller films rages on with this one. The end of this movie actually surprised me which doesn't happen that often lately. This film centers around a writer/ghost hunter who relies on science rather than feelings (note: also my FAVORITE type of ghost hunters), she ends up at a boys boarding school where there are some weird sightings and stories...If you're in the mood for a bit of a chill rather then downright gore and jump scares, I'd say watch The Awakening.
Carrie 2013

 I meant to watch this movie earlier but I've taken an unprecedented and unhealthy break from horror since literally Halloween. I didn't think I'd like Carrie 2.0 compared to the original but the jump in special fx and CG is really what made this movie. Don't get me wrong, the actors (coughAnselcough) are brilliant but the original just made had more going for it. Carrie's crazy mom had the mentality of someone from the time of the original and Carrie's reactions and beliefs are also outdated as opposed to high school seniors of today. This ending is also another crazy one to see!
Detention 2011

 1. I really don't know how this even became a movie. 3. This should never have been classified as a horror/thriller, like, ever. 3. Josh Hutcherson should always dress like he's in the 90s. This move centers around a round-up of seniors at Grizzly Lake High who try to figure out the identity of a local killer while in detention. Expected, this movie has clichĂ©s up the whazoo, but I don't know where the line is. Detention is like a teen slasher version of Anchor Man and not in the best way. I could settle for the outrageous happenings but the pacing is slightly off and you never expect what silly thing can be added in the plot. If you're looking for something ridiculous to put on as background noise, watch Detention.
Scre4m 2011
The 10+ years in between Scream 3 and Scream 4 had me in tears. I absolutely love this film and the new age twist on the same old baddie Ghost Face. I've actually seen Scre4m multiple times but I always put it on when I'm in the mood for a few jump scares even if I know the plot (and a few lines) by heart. The cast is the best you could ask for with new, veteran, cameo, young, and comeback actors all in the bunch. Please watch this movie and tell me what you think!
Shaun Of The Dead 2004

 If I ever had a hero in my life, it would be Edgar Wright. His films just make me giddy whenever mentioned or brought up in an everyday conversation. I don't even play the zombie portion on Black Ops 2 and haven't seen The Walking Dead yet because I'm so afraid of zombies (sans 28 Days/Weeks Later) but I would absolutely kill to always watch this film. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are always brilliant and to think this movie is already a decade old is insane because I remember specifically the day it came out. If you haven't seen it, watch it.
Thanks for checking out my blog! I watch a lot of films, more than I need to...I'll try to keep the Film Friday posts short but no promises as it's a week full of films. If you would comment to recommend movies I could watch and/or review, that would be lovely.
x N

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