Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Few Videos I Just Can't Keep To Myself

The first video I MUST help others witness is of a Japanese girls, Reika Ozeki's, vines. My brother texted me this Youtube link out of nowhere (as does the rest of my family) and I can't stop laughing. Her tones of her voice and her range are making me cackle so hard that I'm scaring M's dog. I can't deal with her but I need to witness more?

The next video is controversial...The Sia video featuring Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler. I mean, I don't want to offend pople but this video is insanely emotional. That little girl can dance and if it was anyone else but a famous man (who recently came out as having been raped) and a famous young girl, it wouldn't have been made into a "scandal". Great song, great video and I can totally see what the dance is supposed to portray.

The third video is a movie trailer I'm INCREDIBLY stoked for. You have no clue...Pan. Apparently people were upset about Rooney Mara playing Tiger Lily but, hey, I'm Native American and I'm fine with it? They're called actors for a reason, they act? Also, Garrett Hedlund is one of my favorite actors. I also just realized he looks like my friend's boyfriend...huh. I'm honestly, I just, I cannot seem to catch my breath. Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories and it's just wow. Also, Cara and Hook and Blackbeard and the fact that they start at the beginning of both Pan AND Hook. I'm in awe.

Also, I've been heavily crushing on everyone over at BuzzfeedVideo and this is classier than I could ever be.

And last, but not least...

No one will ever understand my love for Miles Teller and the fact that he's in a new Marvel movie is going to put me into the hospital. I am so excited for this movie. It looks better than the earlier films and it's also a breath of fresh air from the Avengers. Can't wait!

Thanks for putting up with me bouncing off the walls
x N



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