Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday Off

Friday, I pressed my snooze button so often that I nearly ran late. 6:41 AM and I still didn't have my coat on nor my second shoe. It was "Twin Day" at work and since M and I work together, we'd picked out our conjoining outfits the night before...The only hitch? My hair.
In the bleak, grey morning light coming through the balcony door, I quickly threw my catastrophe of a mane into a terrible milkmaid style with three pins holding the bomb together. Little did I know, this hairstyle would stay intact through the weekend's baths, sleepy tossing and turning, silly crafts and even cleaning.

Happy Saturday, it is!

Today is the first day in the past week that I've not had to get up at 5:54 AM. I sat in bed until the sun went down, though you couldn't tell due to the overcast. I had a leftover donut from the day before and tea from a huge box that I received from A for Christmas. I also sat around and watched a few films...look out for my post on Friday!

x N

Photos are mine.


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