Sunday, February 1, 2015

7 Things That Made Me Happy This Week // 2

01.25.15 - 01.31.15

Sunday: Ice Cream with L
The only money she'd had for the past weeks was a Coldstone Creamery gift card and she used it on me? Whatta doll!

Monday: Family time!
My mum called me at work and was freaking aunt went into labor! My family and I don't really keep in touch with our distant relatives except my aunt. The little bundle of joy's name is Andrew and he is such a little wittle roundie :)

Tuesday: An Early Night's Rest
Who even likes getting up at 5am?? Not me. Tuesday I crawled into bed at a measly 7pm and thoroughly had a blast listening to slow music until I fell asleep.

Wednesday: Cruisin'
L had a birthday dinner that I couldn't make it to but we ended up driving around for hours looking for something a newly turned 18 year old could do in our small city. Turns out, nothing is really open past 11pm but hey, cruising and listening to the 1975 is all we could ask for.

Thursday: Brotherly Love
I've always grown up with just boys, two older, two younger brothers. And I guess it's why I don't care much for girly things and dress to climb trees everyday...That's also another reason I still spend a lot of time with my two younger brothers. We play video games and watch movies and reblog each other's stupid meme jokes. I forget time when I hang out with my brothers and I wouldn't change that, ever.

Friday: My Duvet
I know I say this a lot, but this blanket is my life. I find myself in bed a lot ad I should really check to see if it's a serious problem or just me being lazy? But I'm glad I have such a comfortable nest and place to call my own!

Saturday: Roomie Donuts
M and I went to get our rent sorted out and had to go to the grocery store. So, of course, we swung through the bakery and grabbed a few (or four) each ;)

Not much happened this week as I had to get up super early for work and then had a few (most needed) days off. My posts are becoming a bit repetitive in boring in my mind so I'll try to switch it up!
x N


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