Monday, February 2, 2015

Book List // 1

I've recently cut down on reading and researching new books and authors. I'd like to blame not having time but I genuinely have time, I just haven't found any books that I deem age appropriate as I grow up. In high school, I read ANY teen novel I could get my hands on that displaced me from the normal world I live in (i.e. twilight..yeah, I know). But as I get older, I realize that I should broaden my horizons and read more adult books (sans fifty shade, please). It sounds stupid but if I'm reading a book I really like and it happens to be a YA novel, people still see you as a child. I suppose I should just get over it, tell others to shove it and read whatever the hell I want but there will always be that tiny voice in the back of my head telling me to pick up Wuthering Heights and get over my obsession with werewolves...Some day that time will come. But for now, here's my adventures into the likes of literature and novels:
It by Alexa Chung
I finished this book in one sitting and I believe I could do it over and over until my book is decrepit. If you don't know who the wonderful Alexa is, I'm sorry. She's stylish, hectic, a self-proclaimed groupie, and absolutely cool. This book is basically a lifestyle blog in a tiny book and it's insane. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves style, music, films and just pure British antics in general.

It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini


I haven't actually finished this book yet...I bought it last summer and I've just never picked it up. I also watched the movie while halfway through the book so I kind of lost all motivation. Honestly, it's alright. The main character is hard for me to relate to because he's a bit more self deprecating than I've ever been despite actually going through the same problems he is. This book is about depression and learning how to deal with it, not just alone either. I love the idea of this book but my mental cogs are just a bit different than Craig's. Maybe I'm exactly like Craig and I just don't want to realize it or deal with it? Who knows, but I know I like this book.

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