Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TBR: July 2015

I have a lot more to do in July (family outings, concerts, festivals) than I do any other month. I'm also super excited to get more into reading books that are true to life and to human emotions. Though I still love great fantasy books!

Here is my TBR in July:

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews
I saw the trailer for the movie for this a while ago but I was super excited when I found out it was a book! I also was super excited that my library had it available for Kindle (which is how I've been lending books lately). Greg is also me in boy form?

Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
I read the first book in the Throne of Glass series. I first heard of it from Sasha on Youtube, she runs Abookutopia and it's a great channel!

The Selection by Kiera Cass
I bought the entire set at a secondhand store for less than $2 and I about cried. I haven't heard much about the books but I couldn't pass up the deal.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
I'll never leave these books despite the fact that I had to sneak into the kids section to grab them...

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Again, another book Sasha has been raving about. I have heard of the tv series but since I heard there were a ton of books, I bought some! I asked a friend, whom I made at a bookstore coffee place because I was holding a book she liked, and she said the sex scenes take up most of the story so I'm not too psyched about that because smut is NOT my forte.

Paper Towns by John Green
I should just start a shelf that displays books I must read before I watch the movie...Which is actually very hard for me considering I love off fictional characters emotions and facial expressions (i.e. Stiles Stilinski and Dorian Havilliard)

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
I've had the first three books of this series in my Kindle archive since the movie came out (starring the soon-to-be Jace in the new Shadowhunters tv show!). I just haven't found the time or motivation to commit to them!

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski
I haven't heard too much on this book but I saw edits on tumblr and I thought I'd check it out? No clue what it's about, no clue if ill like it but it's ok!

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Also another one of those books I saw edits of and thought looked cool. I'm excited to throw myself in to it anyway!

I should really check myself before I start overworking my brain in YA novels....

x Nat

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Film Saturday???

For the past two weeks, I have kept together a list of the films I've watched/rewatched/have been dying to watch. I do not have gifs or photos for you to reconcile with but hey, here it is?

06.05.15 - 06.20.15
Pacific Rim
My brother told me that we'd be drift compatible and I think that's beautiful.

Ask Me Anything
The little girl in this story is a wreck and I'm sorry for anyone who does this kind of stuff on the regular and does not get called out on it. Do not watch this movie with a parent or grandparent of any sort because your just throwing yourself under a bus. But also Britt Robertson is one of my all time favs (not just because her and Dylan Obrien were a thing ok).

Your Highness
I used to smoke a lot of pot and think this stuff was funny. My family still thinks it is so I enjoy them and I watching it in a group effort.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
These movies are etched into my skin and burned into my brain. HP4EVR

Forrest Gump
JENNAY I actually don't know how I feel about this movie but its popular and I know every line? I've just seen it alot randomly.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring
My life is in the hands of young Frodo and co. and I do not wish to part from them ever. I am precious and so is this movie.

From Justin to Kelly

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2
I told you these movies don't escape that easily...

Jurassic World
The main character wore heels and a white dress the whole time, she's one tough cookie and I love her. Also, Chris Pratt is my dear child that I hold close in case of emergency meltdowns. He has battle raptors BATTLE RAPTORS! I'm obsessed.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
I read half of this book before the movie and I'm not sure I'm motivated to read the rest? Oh but I'll finish it anyway lol lol

So that's it for my sarcastic take on my Film Fridays. I dislike how this post turned out but I love lists, they make me feel in charge. Have fun watching! x Nat

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Top Albums

Alot of the time if someone asks my favorite artist or genre or song, I can't answer that. Its not that I couldn't narrow it down to at least two but it's because I fall for music slow and fast and it just resonates in me until I can't stop thinking of that particular artist or song or album. Its a complicated system in my brain that I can't explain so I just keep making playlists instead :)

Here are some albums that I really love and will probably love forever:

Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack
When I was going through a rough time due to depression and anxiety, I watched movies and read books most of the time. I could transport myself far from my actual problems and it made me better and happier to know that authors and their characters knew how I felt. Bella in New Moon becomes very sad in the film so the soundtrack have a sort of melancholy tone but it only reminds me that things are better now :) I'm really happy when I listen to it these days!

Rumors Deluxe
Who doesn't love some good ole classic rock? Or Stevie? Being Northern Minnesota born and raised has positively graced my classic rock love with bands such as Fleetwood and Kansas and Boston and ACDC. I can honestly listen to this album and get the feeling of falling asleep in the backseat of a car as a child. The second feeling is partying around bonfires in the middle of nowhere? Love it either way.

This is my go to sleep album and will never not be. When I moved to a big city I the middle of summer, all I had was the internet. There, I fell for British anything and everything. Ed Sheeran just happened to be there for me when no one else was? I have since seen him twice in concert (once on a balcony lip and once elbowing mums and kids to get to third row).

Oracular Spectacular
Can I just tell you how MGMT makes me feel? First off, Andrew Vanwyngarden. Second of all, mad beats and the ever present summer vibe. Ok check it out.

the 1975 Deluxe
I actually have this album in vinyl, cd, and digital formats...I have spent more money (shows, merch, travel, etc.) the 1975 than on any other artist INCLUDING the ever expensive One Direction. Ok that is actually saying something!

If you ever have any questions about my taste in music or artists, just ask! Thanks for checking this spot out x Nat

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Etsy, You Betsy

Yes, I am a middle aged soccer dad of 2.5 kids with half a comb over...Sans the dad joke, I want to share some rather interesting and beautiful Etsy shops I came across while looking at items I (sadly) have no need for but EVERY want.

This shop is wicked cute! I have a thing for simple rings and earrings and this shop even has semiprecious stones and moons and stars. I'm drooling? Check it out!

What drew me to this shop was the raw crystals but as soon as I clicked through, I fell even more in love! There's not only crystals as necklace but raw turquoise rings and opal set in hand hammered metals. Everything is delightful in shiny!

Owning alot of home goods creates the illusion of having your shit together and pale ceramics are just killer. Mugs are a necessity in my life so when I saw the antler handled cup, I had to check out the rest of the shop. Soap dishes and cute painted bowls and insanely pretty wall art are also available!

I need to get my hands on some new tarot cards and not only does this shop have the ones I am DYING for, but there are also other cool looking decks. I understand that not alot of people believe in tarot or psychics or Wicca but "the other" is such an amazing concept to me that I just have to dive in and check it out for myself. If you're into tarot and readings, click the link.

See ya soon! More Etsy rummaging to do!
X Nat

Monday, June 8, 2015

TBR: June 2015

Recently I moved to a new apartment. And with that, I packed away ALL of my books. I have nearly 50 books (not counting the ones on my Kindle) and I fit all of them into two carry on sized suitcases that still remain packed away in the back of my new closet (oops). NEVER FEAR! I have been purchasing more books so my everpresent need for intellectual knickknacks is being fed. I currently have books to be read next to my bed, on my dresser, on and in my desk and on the floor near my door. I don't mess about with books, pals!

I haven't been keeping up with books and series that I have genuinely loved for years and it's making me a bit upset. So I am starting a TBR or "to be read" at the beginning of each month to motivate and keep myself on some sort of schedule. Here it goes!

1. Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
 I actually started this book at the end of May after I finished the second book in the series and just COULDN'T live without the third. I am already half of the way through it and I'm soooo keen to see what happens with the interesting raven boys and odd Blue! I can relate to some of the characters despite the psychic/magic vibe going on and the deep, spiritual friendships just make everything seem that real. Maggie is actually one of my favorite authors and her first series, The Wolves of Mercy Falls (wow Nat, werewolves?), is what drew me in. I do keep checking tumblr for edits and photos relating to this series but I think I'm just setting myself up for spoilers at this point...PLEASE READ THIS SERIES AND TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT AND TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS AND JUST LET ME LOVE THOSE WHO LOVE MAGGIE

2. Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick
I haven't read this series since 2012...Honestly, I barely remember what's going on since Crescendo, the third installment of the Hush, Hush series. I'm just gonna wing and stomp my way through this because I do remember my love for the characters (distinctly the sassy, amazing Nora) and setting (distinctly the insane rain of Maine) so, I mean, I've got this! Also, there are angels and half angels and forbidden/hidden love and strange sibling rivalries and everything exciting I wish my life was?

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
Yeah, I'm reverting back to the beginning of my lifetime. My mother actually read the books to me and my brothers when we were younger so I don't actually remember much of the first books. I'm actually so excited to restart this series that I bought Chamber of Secrets at the same time just in case ;)

4. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Speaking of, I actually saw Insurgent a few weeks ago and it was insane! Great movies but I've been stuck on the third book for a few months now because someone let slip the nature of the ending of the story...SPOILERS ARE NOT WELCOME TO MY DELICATE AND FRAGILE STATE OF MIND!!!? If you haven't read these popular books yet, please do.

I'm keeping this list short and gauging my reading times so that I can read more in future months. I do hope to get through these books and hopefully get onto The Hobbit (again lol), The Maze Runner (I've banned myself from watching the film until I actually read it...), The Mara Dyer Trilogy, Throne of Glass series, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, Paper Towns, The Lunar Chronicles and plenty more! I'm dying to read!
X Nat

Friday, June 5, 2015

Film Friday // 3

There has been ALOT of movies since I've last been here. Let's count them, I suppose:

1. Whip It* #
2. The Little Mermaid #
3. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion #
4. The Bling Ring
5. Horns*
6. Almost Famous*
7. 21 Jump Street #
8. Robo-cop
9. The Theory of Everything* x
10. The DUFF
11. The Prince and Me #
12. The Haunting at Silver Falls
13. Contracted
14. The Ward
15. Dark Skies
16. Unfinished Business
17. The New Guy #
18. Behaving Badly
19. Heathers*
20. Zapped
21. Insurgent
22. Resident Evil: Extinction
23. Silent Hill: Revelations
24. Into The Woods
25. The Interview
26. How I Live Now* x
27. Across The Universe*
28. Unfriended*
29. Hot Fuzz #
30. Sleepover
31. Snowpiercer
32. The Avengers: Age of Ultron*
33. The Quiet Ones
34. Devil
35. The Hole
36. Stardust* x #
37. Legally Blond #
38. Kingsman: The Secret Service
39. Pitch Perfect 2
40. Employee of the Month #
41. Sex Ed
42. Titanic * #
* = favorite
x = intended read
# = rewatch
Alot of the movies I hear of are also books so I always have a list of books to read as well as a list of movies to watch. Wow ok, over 40 movies in the past four months which is actually not alot. I'm so very excited to continue this Film Friday, I do miss writing and my movies! Byyyyeeee
x Nat

Monday, June 1, 2015

zeus // june '15 playlist

Sorry about the short, tiny playlist but it is available here and track list here:

Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna
Trouble On My Mind by Pusha T
4u by Blackbear
Giants by Bear Hand
Flashed Junk Mind by Milky Chance
Burning by The Whitest Boy Alive
We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke
Promise by Ben Howard
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas
Can't Pretend by Tom Odell
Honey by Swim Deep
My Song 5 by Haim
Kemosabe by Everything Everything
Vagabond by Wolfmother
Homesick by Catfish and the Bottlemen
Seven Nation Army by Zella Day
Ride by Twenty One Pilots
Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots
Master Pretender by First Aid Kit
All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo
Go For It by CRUISR

If you want to check out other playlists I've done over the past few months, check this out!

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