Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Etsy, You Betsy

Yes, I am a middle aged soccer dad of 2.5 kids with half a comb over...Sans the dad joke, I want to share some rather interesting and beautiful Etsy shops I came across while looking at items I (sadly) have no need for but EVERY want.

This shop is wicked cute! I have a thing for simple rings and earrings and this shop even has semiprecious stones and moons and stars. I'm drooling? Check it out!

What drew me to this shop was the raw crystals but as soon as I clicked through, I fell even more in love! There's not only crystals as necklace but raw turquoise rings and opal set in hand hammered metals. Everything is delightful in shiny!

Owning alot of home goods creates the illusion of having your shit together and pale ceramics are just killer. Mugs are a necessity in my life so when I saw the antler handled cup, I had to check out the rest of the shop. Soap dishes and cute painted bowls and insanely pretty wall art are also available!

I need to get my hands on some new tarot cards and not only does this shop have the ones I am DYING for, but there are also other cool looking decks. I understand that not alot of people believe in tarot or psychics or Wicca but "the other" is such an amazing concept to me that I just have to dive in and check it out for myself. If you're into tarot and readings, click the link.

See ya soon! More Etsy rummaging to do!
X Nat


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