Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Top Albums

Alot of the time if someone asks my favorite artist or genre or song, I can't answer that. Its not that I couldn't narrow it down to at least two but it's because I fall for music slow and fast and it just resonates in me until I can't stop thinking of that particular artist or song or album. Its a complicated system in my brain that I can't explain so I just keep making playlists instead :)

Here are some albums that I really love and will probably love forever:

Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack
When I was going through a rough time due to depression and anxiety, I watched movies and read books most of the time. I could transport myself far from my actual problems and it made me better and happier to know that authors and their characters knew how I felt. Bella in New Moon becomes very sad in the film so the soundtrack have a sort of melancholy tone but it only reminds me that things are better now :) I'm really happy when I listen to it these days!

Rumors Deluxe
Who doesn't love some good ole classic rock? Or Stevie? Being Northern Minnesota born and raised has positively graced my classic rock love with bands such as Fleetwood and Kansas and Boston and ACDC. I can honestly listen to this album and get the feeling of falling asleep in the backseat of a car as a child. The second feeling is partying around bonfires in the middle of nowhere? Love it either way.

This is my go to sleep album and will never not be. When I moved to a big city I the middle of summer, all I had was the internet. There, I fell for British anything and everything. Ed Sheeran just happened to be there for me when no one else was? I have since seen him twice in concert (once on a balcony lip and once elbowing mums and kids to get to third row).

Oracular Spectacular
Can I just tell you how MGMT makes me feel? First off, Andrew Vanwyngarden. Second of all, mad beats and the ever present summer vibe. Ok check it out.

the 1975 Deluxe
I actually have this album in vinyl, cd, and digital formats...I have spent more money (shows, merch, travel, etc.) the 1975 than on any other artist INCLUDING the ever expensive One Direction. Ok that is actually saying something!

If you ever have any questions about my taste in music or artists, just ask! Thanks for checking this spot out x Nat


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