Friday, July 17, 2015

Film Friday // 4

Remember to check out my tags on tumblr to see what movies I really enjoy and have found wonderful edits and gifsets for! I love different forms of expression and people can find it in a tiny looped and professionally colored GIF and I love it.

Here are the films I've watched the past four weeks:

06.21.15 - 07.17.15

The Boondock Saints
Narnia: Prince Caspian
Would You Rather
If I Had Wings
Grandma's Boy
10 Things I Hate About You (x2)
and then that time I fell in a Thomas Mann rut because I couldn't find Me + Earl + The Dying Girl online...
Barely Lethal
Beautiful Creatures
Project X
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Magic Mike XXL
Atlantis: The Lost Empire

I am almost certain I've been cutting back on movies due to my ever growing need of books...It's a never ending circle of self destruction to be really honest.

x Nat

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Book List // 2

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

As soon as I finished this book, I went to watch the movie. I loved both! The story is about a girl going into a coma and she somehow can "walk" around the hospital and see family, friends and her inexplicably wonderful boyfriend. But she has to make an important decision on whether she wants to stay or not. This made me cry to be honest! It is in first person but it's in the head of a very intelligent young girl so I was thrilled.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I still haven't finished this book....I found pictures of the week I bought this book and I was so pumped but, sadly, it has been a year since then and I'm only 10% in. I accidentally found out about the ending from a fellow book lover and now I"m not to thrilled to finish? I've just lost momentum and patience with this book. The first two, Divergent and Insurgent, were awesome and I loved them but I don't really know what happened? Sorry to say that I'm not sure when I'll actually finish....I do have Game of Thrones to catch up on!

Thank you for checking out my sort-of-book-review! I have read plenty more since these and I will continue to post them as they come. I am excited to run through this year with a book schedule and to have gotten rid of my reading block. Recommend books to me too! I love YA novels and series most of all, fantasy, supernatural, young love, the whole bit! Thank you and comment, please.

x Nat

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Awesome Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater has been one of my favorite authors since my early years in high school. Particularly because she portrayed werewolves, even TEEN werewolves, not as big, destructive, stereotypical, take-over-the-world, kind of beings but rather the opposite. The compassion and compressed time frames and geographical location in the Shiver series is what makes me love the books. They're not only out to kill vampires and be kings and howl at the moon, they are every bit as human as you and I. I love it! But Shiver was only the beginning.

I recently took to Maggie's recent series, The Raven Cycle, and I am unbelievably addicted to the characters, the story, the vibes! Just check out my tumblr for recent visual spoils (mind the tags....I react like a 13 year old at a One Direction concert...). The Raven Boys are boys who go to a prestigious academy but some aren't as they seem. Some are heavy dreamers, kings, ghosts and things. But these boys aren't the only supernatural beings. There are psychics and witches and death and old monarchs to dig up! I'm enthralled, obsessed ok.

But Mags is not just a writer...she draws and paints and arts to the high heavens. She is currently working on some original tarot cards for the Raven Cycle books that will be released later this year! Here is some of her work: Photos from

The tarot deck, that you can see progressively through Stiefvater's instagram: Photo from Maggie's tumblr

Maggie is very near and dear to me and anything that she writes feels like home. Her art also makes me feel small and childish in comparison. Her use of color and variety is so unique yet she has a sort of Renaissance vibe. But there's more!

Maggie also rides a really cool car! Or two...or four...Her cars are similar to the one's in the Raven Cycle series, one being a bright yellow Camaro with the Virginia licence plate "THIEF", a blue Camaro with the license Shiver and a red Camaro with the same license as the blue one. I can only find out that one of them is a 1973 but I'm pretty sure the rest are from the same era seeing as they are similar in style and body. I think she has some rally racing cars around there somewhere too? Who knows, she's awesome. Photo from her website.

Camaro/ California

I hoped you liked going through this as much as I did! I'm also very glad my high school librarian knew what I'd be into and recommended me Shiver the second week of school. She's another amazing woman! Also, I definitely have to include this blurb that i started this post out with, left it for three weeks, and then continued to write around it until eventually deleting it but it's necessary.

"idk I fucking live her. She draws, writes, rides a fucking cool car, is like the biggest fan of her own books, is hella into cool music, is just an all around genuine human ok"

Ok yeah, geeking out much?
x Nat

Sunday, July 5, 2015

3 Of My Current TV Shows

I ingest so much in television series, it's near disgusting. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I fell in live with long running series. Was it Charmed at age 9 when I literally pretended to be Phoebe in every aspect of my everyday child life? Was it when I started sophomore year and gave up meat and started buying more flannels because Supernatural scared me and Dean Winchester couldn't possibly own more plaid than I??? Who knows.

But, as it goes, my young adult life is filled with Netflix and Hulu Plus to the brim. I don't want to put this out there that I am a complete hermit BUT I AM A COMPLETE HERMIT. Here it goes, my tv shows I'm watching right now:

Shameless US
I started this series after seeing alot of gifsets on my dashboard and realizing that the characters were rad and I really loved the dialogue. I have come to love each and every Gallagher kid (maybe not Sammy but...) and may have even given some inappropriate nicknames to primary and secondary characters (i.e. "asshole", "trash son"). If you like distinction or to know that you aren't completely mad, you'll like this series.

Game of Thrones
Who doesn't love GoT??? I am trying to power through season 4 currently and to catch up to some of my friends who have been watching it since the beginning, every Sunday, with the same people...I'll have my life together at some point and I'll get there but for now I am buying the seasons and trying to distinguish between enough sleep and healthy sleep. I have also seen some controversial subjects on the recent season so I'm cringing my way there.

The 100
I didn't think I'd like this series as much as I do but its lovely! I enjoy the characters and the situations they go through, it's all so exciting and futuristic but rustic and homey? I'm currently near the end of the second season so I'm trying to calm down and take it slow otherwise I'll have withdrawals and Teen Wolf flashbacks....yikes.

If you ever have any questions on where to find shows online, just leave a comment and I can find it for mobile and download!

x Nat

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Struggles of Being an Always-Klutz

Today, I cracked my 2nd Windows Phone screen. That's now...four smart phones I've unintentionally destroyed with the power of not paying attention. 3 iPhones and now two Nokia Lumia 1020s. I didn't even know it was possible to break Nokias anymore???

The worst part of this is that the phone is the only way I get through to the world wide web. Due to the fact that one dismal day a year and a half ago, I left my headphones in between my laptop screen and keyboard, closed it, and managed to hide it under a blanket before returning and slamming my knee down onto the waiting disaster. All I have is a shitty phone with minimal apps and an already touchy screen....hello cracks from the lower right corner, spidered right into my heart and destroying any sanity I have left after trying to save enough to fix my computer.

If I hadn't known that would eventually do this again, I wouldn't be so calm. I knew this was coming, it had to happen. I've been dropping the giant yellow thing for the past week. 13 times at least! But I also knew it would happen because, its inevitable. I am a walking train wreck.

Today, I drove my mom to the store and realized that her car has holes in it, holes that weren't there when she bought the thing. They're from me. From when I'd accidently dropped a cigarette or my friend in the passenger seat was wagging their hands around and bumped the burning death stick into the vulnerable sunshade above them
I am ridiculous.

I trip on obvious things, I smash valuable things, I say the wrong things, I forget valuable information. What am I but one giant accident after another? An expensive accident at that. I am a klutz and I don't know how to stop.

x Nat

petrichor // july '15 playlist

Here's the track list for my July playlist:

Roxanne by The Police
Wherever Is Your Heart by Brandi Carlile
The A Team by Ed Sheeran
Sadness Disease by Urban Cone
Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire
The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
18 by One Direction
Act My Age by One Direction
Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy
Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie
Pray To God by Calvin Harris
Graceless by The National
There She Goes by The La's
Electric Feel by MGMT
Can't Help But Falling In Love by Bob Dylan
Polarize by Twenty One Pilots
She Changes The Weather by Swim Deep
Holiest by Glass Animals
Hold Me Down by Halsey
Satellite by Dave Matthews Band
Midnight City by M83
Up 2 U by Walk The Moon

Sadly, Spotify doesn't hold all the answers and I have found some music not available on the site or in my country. Here they are:

Roslyn by Bon Iver & St. Vincent
Style by Taylor Swift
Ava by Famy
102 by Matty Healy

X Nat