Sunday, July 5, 2015

3 Of My Current TV Shows

I ingest so much in television series, it's near disgusting. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I fell in live with long running series. Was it Charmed at age 9 when I literally pretended to be Phoebe in every aspect of my everyday child life? Was it when I started sophomore year and gave up meat and started buying more flannels because Supernatural scared me and Dean Winchester couldn't possibly own more plaid than I??? Who knows.

But, as it goes, my young adult life is filled with Netflix and Hulu Plus to the brim. I don't want to put this out there that I am a complete hermit BUT I AM A COMPLETE HERMIT. Here it goes, my tv shows I'm watching right now:

Shameless US
I started this series after seeing alot of gifsets on my dashboard and realizing that the characters were rad and I really loved the dialogue. I have come to love each and every Gallagher kid (maybe not Sammy but...) and may have even given some inappropriate nicknames to primary and secondary characters (i.e. "asshole", "trash son"). If you like distinction or to know that you aren't completely mad, you'll like this series.

Game of Thrones
Who doesn't love GoT??? I am trying to power through season 4 currently and to catch up to some of my friends who have been watching it since the beginning, every Sunday, with the same people...I'll have my life together at some point and I'll get there but for now I am buying the seasons and trying to distinguish between enough sleep and healthy sleep. I have also seen some controversial subjects on the recent season so I'm cringing my way there.

The 100
I didn't think I'd like this series as much as I do but its lovely! I enjoy the characters and the situations they go through, it's all so exciting and futuristic but rustic and homey? I'm currently near the end of the second season so I'm trying to calm down and take it slow otherwise I'll have withdrawals and Teen Wolf flashbacks....yikes.

If you ever have any questions on where to find shows online, just leave a comment and I can find it for mobile and download!

x Nat


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