Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Awesome Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater has been one of my favorite authors since my early years in high school. Particularly because she portrayed werewolves, even TEEN werewolves, not as big, destructive, stereotypical, take-over-the-world, kind of beings but rather the opposite. The compassion and compressed time frames and geographical location in the Shiver series is what makes me love the books. They're not only out to kill vampires and be kings and howl at the moon, they are every bit as human as you and I. I love it! But Shiver was only the beginning.

I recently took to Maggie's recent series, The Raven Cycle, and I am unbelievably addicted to the characters, the story, the vibes! Just check out my tumblr for recent visual spoils (mind the tags....I react like a 13 year old at a One Direction concert...). The Raven Boys are boys who go to a prestigious academy but some aren't as they seem. Some are heavy dreamers, kings, ghosts and things. But these boys aren't the only supernatural beings. There are psychics and witches and death and old monarchs to dig up! I'm enthralled, obsessed ok.

But Mags is not just a writer...she draws and paints and arts to the high heavens. She is currently working on some original tarot cards for the Raven Cycle books that will be released later this year! Here is some of her work: Photos from

The tarot deck, that you can see progressively through Stiefvater's instagram: Photo from Maggie's tumblr

Maggie is very near and dear to me and anything that she writes feels like home. Her art also makes me feel small and childish in comparison. Her use of color and variety is so unique yet she has a sort of Renaissance vibe. But there's more!

Maggie also rides a really cool car! Or two...or four...Her cars are similar to the one's in the Raven Cycle series, one being a bright yellow Camaro with the Virginia licence plate "THIEF", a blue Camaro with the license Shiver and a red Camaro with the same license as the blue one. I can only find out that one of them is a 1973 but I'm pretty sure the rest are from the same era seeing as they are similar in style and body. I think she has some rally racing cars around there somewhere too? Who knows, she's awesome. Photo from her website.

Camaro/ California

I hoped you liked going through this as much as I did! I'm also very glad my high school librarian knew what I'd be into and recommended me Shiver the second week of school. She's another amazing woman! Also, I definitely have to include this blurb that i started this post out with, left it for three weeks, and then continued to write around it until eventually deleting it but it's necessary.

"idk I fucking live her. She draws, writes, rides a fucking cool car, is like the biggest fan of her own books, is hella into cool music, is just an all around genuine human ok"

Ok yeah, geeking out much?
x Nat


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