Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Awesome Artist: Hippo Campus

"Girl, I swear, I've never seen you look so alive." - Souls, Hippo Campus

Let me tell you, I have not put down the Bashful Creatures EP since Saturday? I am absolutely in love with this groovy, lovely quartet. Just wow!

I saw the Saint Paul-based group at Chipotle Cultivate in Loring Park on Saturday August 22nd and it will be a day forever in my heart. Considering that was the only Minnesota show they have on their upcoming tour, I am so excited I witnessed the talent and love they have for their fans.

Beans, Turntan, Stitches, and Espo (all previously acquired nicknames) are recent art school graduates and have been together a relatively short time. They are all under 21 but are killing it on the festival scene. Having already performed at Lollapalooza this year, they are currently in the UK doing shows at Leeds and Reading.

I am insanely happy to have snapped this instagram photo as everyone was jostling and screaming. I do remember at one point shouting "Beans, I fucking love you!" at the top of my lungs while they were tuning for the next song and the crowd was finally silent. It was a thrill that I was stared down by 50 people for and yelled "same" at by several girls. Espo, the bass player, favorited my tweet to him a few days ago and I about died. I'm glad he misses me too! I sadly did not have the guts to go up and introduce myself because they seemed busy and tired after the show :(

My current favorite song of there's is South which is a single off their new EP in October. Here's another of Hippo Campus' up-and-coming songs called Dollar Bill which they performed for a radio station:

I found this band through Bandcamp looking for new music to put on one of my videos last year. I found Little Grace and fell in love. Here's the video I made for a day I spent with Adrienne, who also went to Hippo Campus' show with me! They are nostalgia and love to me:

Thank you for checking out my blog! Don't forget to hit up Hippo Campus' website and social media (insta, tweets) when you get the chance!

image source: unknown

x Nat


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