Wednesday, October 7, 2015

still reading...

Starting this book nearly two months ago, I thought I had more patience? Diana Gabaldon is a weaver of magic in simple words and I'm in utter awe everytime I open Outlander.

Still, I push through fine details and large paragraphs. I suppose I'm just trying to be the adult I will inevitably become? This month, I also started glancing into classic I thought id enjoy. Alice In Wonderland, Wuthering Heights and even Stephen King to get spooky feels. I'm mainly a big YA lover but I'm trying to broaden my horizons.

October is pretty much my favorite month of the year so I have plenty of books to cozily get through next to a huge cup of coffee. I have started the Percy Jackson series and I love it! To see books I am currently reading and my previously read books, check out my Goodreads! I stay up to date on that more than anything when it comes to my bibliophilic tendencies ;)

x Nat


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