Sunday, January 10, 2016

My First Audiobook Experience

The time is spring 2014, the era is the meme golden age, the book is The Fault in Our Stars and my patience is running thin.

Audio books are something I never thought I'd enjoy and to be fair my experience was better than I thought. I listened to John Green's bestseller last year to get it over with before I watched the film... I only finished half before walking into the film, blankets in hand and sunglasses to hide my solid, puffy eyes on the way out. I died, let me tell you.

The thing was, I never really had time to listen to the book? I always found that I was listening to music and reading a book in my free time and not having enough focus to listen to the book doing anything else (i.e. Cleaning, working). I finished the book months after watching the film in theatres and the story was still thrilling and interesting, I was just bored with listening.

I am currently listening to Amy Poehler's book Yes Please and I'm very grateful that she is the one reading it because I get a better sense of what she means and her humor. I am only half way through and I've had it for a few months but when I do get time, it's just me, Amy and the blissful oddities that come with her stories. More to come!

x Nat


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