Thursday, January 14, 2016

Film Review // Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My goal is to make this spoiler free as is most people's goal on the internet but this is so freaking serious, I'm dead serious. Here's my review on 2015's biggest blockbuster, a movie my youngest brother has seen seven times already, a film I cried during....five times. Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens

Let's start of with casting, shall we? Hella dope ladies, actors of color and the originals? I was completely caught up (choked and cried actually) during the first 15 second trailer released earlier in the year. Mostly due to seeing Chewie and Han, to be honest...But everything else was new and fresh and I was on board! And the cast did nothing but deliver. The acting was almost too real and everyone played their part incredibly well. My favorite, despite people not liking the character, is Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver. I sadly still have a thing for his grandpa, so...I'm grateful we can look forward to seeing all of these lil bugs (good and bad) in the next few films!

The next thing to peek at is the film in itself. Directed by JJ Abrams and backed by Disney...A little weird right? I do admit, the feel of the film is a little more like a current action but theres still those funny screen swipe transitions and even better CG. By my count, there was only one JJ Abrams screen flare, which I was mildly okay with. Visually stunning and effectual in all aspects! I saw the 3D version first, so I missed some details what with the things popping out of the screen at me but the second time around embedded everything right in my ole noggin. As for the saber scenes, eh, could've been better. But then again, the Sith/Jedi fighting were never properly trained, so keep that in mind. Other than that, wow, just wow!

Whether you haven't watched a single Star Wars film or you've read every book and played every game out there, this film is for you. Diversity, fresh and familiar faces around every corner, action and drama, everything you could want! If you haven't seen it yet, please do! If you have, maybe ill go see it with you ;)
x Nat


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