Friday, July 15, 2016

overdue playlists

a short essay by yours truly

hello buggies,
It's been a bit...again! To be honest, I've just been working and going to ALOT of random shows including Swim Deep, Catfish and the Bottlemen and even roadtripping to see The 1975 in two cities! I have a lot of footage and photos to share someday but for now...they're all mine to pine over late at night while I'm slowly slipping into sleep. There was also a few short lived almost loves thrown in there but oh well! Just makes for a deeper love of my unending true love for music ;)

I haven't shared a playlist in a while! But remember, you can always check out my Spotify for a new one every 1st of the month. Here's some long overdue beauties:

tellural // feb 16
adj. / of or pertaining to the earth
23 songs / 48 minutes

solivagant // mar 16
adj. / wandering alone
27 songs / 82 minutes

oddity // apr 16
n. / an odd or strange thing or person
13 songs / 48 minutes

discourse // may 16
v. / the use of words to exchange thoughts or ideas
16 songs / 48 minutes

plum // jun 16
n. / a violet-reddish color and a pitted fruit of a similar color
18 songs / 66 minutes

And my latest:

foxhole // jul 16
n. / the den or burrow of a fox
15 songs / 45 minutes

Check em out! Thanks for sticking around :)


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