Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them // Film Review

When I was 6, my two younger brothers being 5 and 4, a younger version of my mother brought me to my first midnight premiere. I was dressed in robes and my brother had gotten rounded prescription glasses (we are blind as bats even back in 2001). We didn't cry, didn't scream and my mother even got compliments that we were so polite. The movie? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Fast forward 15 years and there I was, having an adult dinner with my mum on a weekday. We were enjoying the slow night, until we decided to go to a movie half way through eating and started scarfing down the food at an incredible rate. This was last week. The movie? Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Newt Scamander, a magizoologist from the UK heads to NYC with a suitcase full to the brim of creatures and beasts that Muggles are unaware of. Newt is the writer of the book Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them  (written by Jo Rowling actually), a book that Harry Potter and other students study from many years later. The movie is set in the late 1920s, a time of prohibition, flapper and thr evil wizard Gellert Grindlewald. Newt meets US wizards and even a Muggle he befriends but the authorities think he's trying to harm everyone with his creatures. But if it isn't Scamander raging a magical beasts raging on the streets, who is?

Before I tell you about everything I loved, let's talk about what's slightly (only a bit, I promise!) missing. Despite the fact that there's no Hogwart, which is the best magic school #facts, we actually don't know much about the wizards presented. Now, J.K. Rowling did write the screenplay for the film but.....I was just a little let down with how little I felt for most of the characters. I mostly feel this because I am rereading HP and I'm falling in love with the smaller characters and the little details. I did, however, fall for my little bug Newt!

Eddie Redmayne wasn't the only thing I loved though! The magic, the villain and the inclusion of Muggles not just as ignorant, unknowing sheeple were so frigging swesome. Newt's suitcase and tiny friends are my absolute favorite magic exoression. So nice and warm and just inspiring. No wonder that dude wrote a book that was important enough to be a textbook! Oh but the villain, oh god. You're gonna freak when you see the end. It's expected but you're just gonna stare at the screen like it's the craziest thing you've ever seen. But the craziest thing about this fantastic movie is relating to a Muggle that's included. You feel like part of the world, like this could one day happen to you, or it has and you may not remember ;)

I would give this film 9.6 out of 10 Bowtruckles, if I could. All and all, a fantastic, brilliant and amazing movie. Now we just need to see what else comes of this wonderful wizarding world! Sequel's hopefully in the works! Now, on yo more reading...

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Alcoholism At A Young Age

Here's the thing......Alcoholism is a thing and we shouldn't avoid it. I can't avoid it.

So...being an alcoholic or, for me rather, being dependent on alcohol is consider taboo and never really talked about unless presented to someone's immediate attention. I think we as a society should talk about it more and to younger groups. I know there are some who don't particularly see it as an "acceptable" problem, that if it doesn't happen to them than I doesn't matter. The problem with this mentality is someone extremely close to you could be suffering and you'd never know because it's "not important" enough for them to feel the need to share with anyone.

I am 21 years old, the legal drinking age in the US. To tell you about my current struggle with alcohol, I'll have to tell you about how I grew around the problem.

I am Native American and grew up on a reservation. I'm sure you've heard jokes about the average blood alcohol level of my people or the town drunk wondering if he can use his welfare check for booze...It's not a joke. The predisposition I have to alcoholism is actually quite scary. My grandmothers and grandfathers on both sides of my family are alcoholics and all but one has died from cancer or liver failure. My aunts and uncles were allowed to party as teens even on the nights they were babysitting me because, hey, it was a free babysitter. On New Years Eve when I was 8, my 17 year old uncle passed out drunk on a cold walk home and was run over by a car that couldn't stop because of the icy roads. My reservation is a poor, seedy place where people get stuck in because everything but the casino and alcohol is expensive. But despite that, I got out.

Moving to a town in my teens wasn't really what I wanted but my mom has always known what's best. The thing was, it was a small town with nothing to do for teens but steal their parents booze and party on the lakes or in cabins. So that's what I did on the weekends for four years. Small party here, lake cabin there, camping here, someone's basement there. We had problems and no one liked to talk about it to parents, teachers (most happened to be a friend's parent), or any kind of adult that might happen to tattle. My sophomore year I didn't go to prom but I had plenty of parties to go to after. One was in the woods somewhere and I made it there and back thanks to my mom (shout out to a bomb mom) but I had friends who barely did. Two trucks full of seniors decided to race, one flew into the ditch and flipped, kids picked the others out of the truck and they all went home and left the truck until morning. My friend ended up breaking her arm and never went to the hospital until way after because she didn't want her parents to know her boyfriend drove drunk.

Now, I live in a small city and I have a house and all the books and nice neighbors a girl could ask for. I live in Fargo, North Dakota and it is actually the drunkest city in America. Fargo also has more bars than the state of Utah, the ENTIRE state. I'd like to blame my city but I'm just going to take full responsibility for the awful things I've done and the stupid things I get myself into.

I've done some terrible things since turning 21 last Christmas Eve. I don't remember half of the things but I can't decide if that's a gift or burden. I've been punched and done the punching, I've kissed those I wasn't supposed to and made people uncomfortable with how open I am with my mouth, I've been kissed by people who belong to others and have gotten in trouble, I've puked and peed in ridiculous places, I've tried to jump off a fire escape and simply laughed it off, I've driven numerous times and unaware how I got home...I have been a wreck.

With all that has happened, people have noticed. I've had friends begging me to save myself. I'm not angry about the genuine worry and polite confrontation needed to push me in the right direction. I'm just happy there's enough people in the world that realize I'm not just the alcohol and that it does control me and make me do things I'd never think about doing. I want to say I can change and be better but it all starts with changing my routines and who I hang out with. From now on, I don't want the goal out of a night out to be getting trashed. I want to be able to have fun without alcohol and without people who also need alcohol. I don't want to be like this forever.

If you've ever felt like you may have a problrm, there are people out here who are willing to help despite being strangers. Here are some websites that you can check out;

I'd also really like to thank Lucy for addressing this problem within herself and sharing alcoholism as an actual problem and creating awareness on the subject. She has an amazing YouTube channel if you wanna check that out as well!

Thank you for your time! See ya around x

Friday, November 25, 2016

Film Friday // November 25 '16

I have been trying to keep up with a list similar to this list from this past year. It's pretty tough though! Especially when I go on film binges for HOURS with friends, family, and by myself cuddling with 200 blankets :) Here's the movies I watched in the past week:

i. Eddie The Eagle
Brits, Hugh Jackman and pure determination is everything I needed rolled into one movie! This movie is about one boy who always wanted to go to the Olympics. He finally does after plenty of people telling him it was never going to happen. Eddie does the impossible in a few months by ski jumping, a sport that takes a lifetime to perfect.

ii. Sky High
Thank you, Netflix Gods!!! I watched this quirky Disney classic with one of my roommates while we munched on chips and queso. It was, needless to say.
Sky High is about super heroes and their teenage children. But there's always villains where there are heroes.

iii. SLC Punk
My friends and I have certain days made for hanging out. Some days we play pool, others we play guitar and bass in our basement, and others we just watch movies. I'm glad we did that this day.
The punks in the 80s in SLC, a mormon based community, are crazy. I'm talking party to fight the system, screw the cops, and fights, gights, fights. Great movie if you want to learn about growing up edgy and having to become an adult (oh look, a description of me).

iv. Trainspotting
Dude, I've done an explanation on this lil number before. Just know, it's an absolute favorite of mine.

v. Taken 3
I haven't even seen the first or second of this franchise but hey, it's pretty legit. Liam Neeson's voice is like a rough blanket that I don't have to force myself to enjoy. It was pretty intense.
Okay so Liam's family isn't taken this time despite the title. This time he is framed and hunts down the scary dudes wit his daughter, who inherited some of her father's badassery. If you like explosions and dope hand to hand combat, check it out.

vi. Star Wars: A New Hope
A classic that I watch as often as possible. Another of my roommates has actually never seen a single Star Wars....I know, SHAMEFUL. So the rest of us told her where to start.
This movie is the fourth episode but the first ever made back in the late 70s. The beginning of Luke, Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca. The action and effects are a little deep but hey it's an old film. Still amazing though!

vii. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

viii. Insidious
I always have at least one scary one tossed in. My family and I have probably seen every good Netflix horror film to date. The Insidious franchise is pretty cool but I always feel like I've seen them all despite only seeing bits of each one.
When a family's eldest son goes into an undiagnosable coma, they start experiencing strange things. They call in an expert when things become unexplainable and the psychic helps them through getting the son and getting away from what plagues them....or so they hoped.

ix. Zombieland
Quirky, awkward, funny AND zombies. Need I go on?
When a virus arises, an awkward boy must do what he can to survive. He has rules but. as he meets new friends, that changes. He follows these people and they all lead each other into the weirdest, most dangerous situations.

x. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
Another classic that I made my youngest brother watch with me....I can't even pretend to be an adult. I mean, I cry during Brave...every time.A bunch of British siblings get sent to the countryside during WWII and fall into a crazy fantasy in the back of a wardrobe. There's talking animals, a real war and magic beyond their beliefs. It's magical!

Thanks for sticking around pals! Have you seen any of these movies? What should I add to my "to watch" list?

Friday, November 18, 2016

sushi date

I’m ecstatic about finally making it out to sushi with one of my good friends earlier this week! Even if you don’t like sushi or fish in general, it’s nice to get out there and experience new things with your pals! Here are some of the products that helped me get ready and stay ready for dinner. Maybe you could tell me how a sushi night of yours went after this little guide! To be done in no particular order:

The biggest thing in my town is deciding WHERE you want to get sushi so my friend and I decided a cute local place where they also serve vegan, vegetarian and even picky eater options. The hardest part for me was deciding what comfy chic clothes I wanted to wear out. I decided on this baggy men’s sweater and this pair of high waisted skinnies. My hair is also another problem usually. So I chose to protect my hair with a good spray before curling my hair away from my face. A great lip that stays on while you’re eating is always a good go to for dinner! Comfy shoes that are really cute are always what I need as well. To pull the overly cozy look together, I went with a simple oversized bag needed to carry my tablet and other bs. Calling is a much bigger thing with my friends and I than we’d care to admit but it’s way easier to see how far you are from the restaurant!


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

9 Bookstagrammers Worth Checking Out

Bookstagram: (p. noun.) a magical place where you make friends, share stories and books and can grow and teach and learn from each other in a positive way

To me, the perfect instagram post is simple and beautiful. A perfect feed is something you can piece together in all of your photos whether it be color, lighting, editing, photographical value, anything! I'll show you a few of my current favorites you should be following.

Lucas from @talkincloud

Jane from @_theravenqueen

Niko from @misterreads

Lara from @bookishsolace

Annie from @bookishannie

Jananee from @headinherbooks

Tanvi from @wandering.reader

Sam from @fabledkings

Tylah from @oakwaldforests

These people are literally g-o-a-l-s! Remember to check them out and hopefully you'll follow my bookish account over at @beingreading!


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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Book Review // Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

“Skill? Skill isn’t what hurts people. A lack of mercy is.”

There’s something sort of scary about finality. Saying goodbye to something or someone, knowing you must go on and change and grow…Okay, yeah, it’s very scary.
Right now, I’m so afraid to move on to the final book of Percy Jackson from the final book of The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. So I’m going to prolong my undying love for Maggie Stiefvater’s beautiful series based out of Minnesota (my home and favorite place in the world). Here’s what I thought of the finale, Sinner.

The fourth book in the Shiver series is actually unlike the other ones. The wolf problems aren’t as prominent as the internal battles and purposeful miscommunication by our two main characters. Also unlike the first three books, Cole and Isabel are center of attention in Los Angeles while Sam and Grace are off at college together. The focus is put on the two’s inability to love and unsustainable lifestyles. With Cole St. Clair being a famous rock star basically back from “the dead” and willing to do enough for Isabel, the music and the chance to stay a werewolf. Than there’s Isabel Culpeper, on the verge of fighting with words or looks at any time, has a cynical view on love thanks to her shitty parents and whose brother died because he didn’t want to be a werewolf. They’re everything complicated rolled into one messy, lively and strangely endearing relationship.

My favorite part about the relationship is that despite the cameras and fans around Cole and what little time they’ve actually known each other, Isabel knows what’s real and fake to an extent. Cole is also this way. I suppose they’ve seen each other at their worst and you don’t come back from that. There’s also some minor characters views on love and compassion and it really makes you think. Infatuation or true love? This book really make s you think not in just aspects of love but friendships based off realness and how your parents can accidently mess you up when they mess up. There’s also insight on drug problems and near ptsd situations. It really just opens your eyes to less judgement and more acceptance and love.

Sinner is a good, GREAT, teen book to learn how to personally reflect while also getting your fix on the supernatural. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars being that I did hope for being clued in on old characters and more wolf problems than there was. But it was still great and I highly enjoyed it!


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a below average update on life

Being 21 and extremely poor is unbelievably disturbing my already fragile and disturbed mentality. How is going out to hang with friends this expensive??? How? Not to mention guys are lame, as is our president and I still barely know how to send a rent check in the mail??? It's a hectic time. Welcome to my life.

Summer leading into fall is a weird time for me. Seasonal depression is in full bloom. I found out that my mom thinks I think my life is a joke because I'm overly sarcastic with every (EV ER YYYYY) little thing that spews out of my mouth. She actually thinks I'm joking when I quietly say "Wow, I'm really sad" because of my FRICKEN tone. This is my life. Oh, thanks cold weather and zero sun, Ill just go hide in a corner and listen to nothing but Bon Iver until my ears bleed. No, actually....the real plan is to read children's books, eat lots of food and drink shitty beer until I feel happy again.

I'm also not particularly into talking politics but here we go...No, I did not vote for our president. I am a woman, Native American AND bisexual. I would never support someone who holds themselves so highly over anyone and everyone. I would never support someone who has a vice president who has pulled funding for planned parenthood in his state and simultaneously funded sexual orientation correction therapy. I do not hate the friends who gave into his strange promises. But I will question what they think of me or the women and pocS and lgbtq+ who are within their families and close friend groups. It's sad. America is sad.

As for adulting...All I've really done is vote early. Otherwise I'm poverty stricken with hella debt, a flat tire, and a leftover eating disorder from my early teens. But other than that? I have amazing friends and family who bring me up when I'm down and support me at my best and worst. My best friend moved to Oregon from our little Fargo and it's been hell but it works :) I'm incredibly grateful and in awe that any of these people want to be in my life.

If you want to check out other updates on my life, check out my instagram in the sidebar! I try to update every once in a while on how I'm feeling or what's going on :)

Thanks for reading and this month I have reviews, playlists and other stuff!

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