Wednesday, November 16, 2016

9 Bookstagrammers Worth Checking Out

Bookstagram: (p. noun.) a magical place where you make friends, share stories and books and can grow and teach and learn from each other in a positive way

To me, the perfect instagram post is simple and beautiful. A perfect feed is something you can piece together in all of your photos whether it be color, lighting, editing, photographical value, anything! I'll show you a few of my current favorites you should be following.

Lucas from @talkincloud

Jane from @_theravenqueen

Niko from @misterreads

Lara from @bookishsolace

Annie from @bookishannie

Jananee from @headinherbooks

Tanvi from @wandering.reader

Sam from @fabledkings

Tylah from @oakwaldforests

These people are literally g-o-a-l-s! Remember to check them out and hopefully you'll follow my bookish account over at @beingreading!


All photos from respected instagram accounts x


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