Tuesday, November 15, 2016

a below average update on life

Being 21 and extremely poor is unbelievably disturbing my already fragile and disturbed mentality. How is going out to hang with friends this expensive??? How? Not to mention guys are lame, as is our president and I still barely know how to send a rent check in the mail??? It's a hectic time. Welcome to my life.

Summer leading into fall is a weird time for me. Seasonal depression is in full bloom. I found out that my mom thinks I think my life is a joke because I'm overly sarcastic with every (EV ER YYYYY) little thing that spews out of my mouth. She actually thinks I'm joking when I quietly say "Wow, I'm really sad" because of my FRICKEN tone. This is my life. Oh, thanks cold weather and zero sun, Ill just go hide in a corner and listen to nothing but Bon Iver until my ears bleed. No, actually....the real plan is to read children's books, eat lots of food and drink shitty beer until I feel happy again.

I'm also not particularly into talking politics but here we go...No, I did not vote for our president. I am a woman, Native American AND bisexual. I would never support someone who holds themselves so highly over anyone and everyone. I would never support someone who has a vice president who has pulled funding for planned parenthood in his state and simultaneously funded sexual orientation correction therapy. I do not hate the friends who gave into his strange promises. But I will question what they think of me or the women and pocS and lgbtq+ who are within their families and close friend groups. It's sad. America is sad.

As for adulting...All I've really done is vote early. Otherwise I'm poverty stricken with hella debt, a flat tire, and a leftover eating disorder from my early teens. But other than that? I have amazing friends and family who bring me up when I'm down and support me at my best and worst. My best friend moved to Oregon from our little Fargo and it's been hell but it works :) I'm incredibly grateful and in awe that any of these people want to be in my life.

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Thanks for reading and this month I have reviews, playlists and other stuff!

photo from christiescloset.tumblr.com x


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