Friday, November 25, 2016

Film Friday // November 25 '16

I have been trying to keep up with a list similar to this list from this past year. It's pretty tough though! Especially when I go on film binges for HOURS with friends, family, and by myself cuddling with 200 blankets :) Here's the movies I watched in the past week:

i. Eddie The Eagle
Brits, Hugh Jackman and pure determination is everything I needed rolled into one movie! This movie is about one boy who always wanted to go to the Olympics. He finally does after plenty of people telling him it was never going to happen. Eddie does the impossible in a few months by ski jumping, a sport that takes a lifetime to perfect.

ii. Sky High
Thank you, Netflix Gods!!! I watched this quirky Disney classic with one of my roommates while we munched on chips and queso. It was, needless to say.
Sky High is about super heroes and their teenage children. But there's always villains where there are heroes.

iii. SLC Punk
My friends and I have certain days made for hanging out. Some days we play pool, others we play guitar and bass in our basement, and others we just watch movies. I'm glad we did that this day.
The punks in the 80s in SLC, a mormon based community, are crazy. I'm talking party to fight the system, screw the cops, and fights, gights, fights. Great movie if you want to learn about growing up edgy and having to become an adult (oh look, a description of me).

iv. Trainspotting
Dude, I've done an explanation on this lil number before. Just know, it's an absolute favorite of mine.

v. Taken 3
I haven't even seen the first or second of this franchise but hey, it's pretty legit. Liam Neeson's voice is like a rough blanket that I don't have to force myself to enjoy. It was pretty intense.
Okay so Liam's family isn't taken this time despite the title. This time he is framed and hunts down the scary dudes wit his daughter, who inherited some of her father's badassery. If you like explosions and dope hand to hand combat, check it out.

vi. Star Wars: A New Hope
A classic that I watch as often as possible. Another of my roommates has actually never seen a single Star Wars....I know, SHAMEFUL. So the rest of us told her where to start.
This movie is the fourth episode but the first ever made back in the late 70s. The beginning of Luke, Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca. The action and effects are a little deep but hey it's an old film. Still amazing though!

vii. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

viii. Insidious
I always have at least one scary one tossed in. My family and I have probably seen every good Netflix horror film to date. The Insidious franchise is pretty cool but I always feel like I've seen them all despite only seeing bits of each one.
When a family's eldest son goes into an undiagnosable coma, they start experiencing strange things. They call in an expert when things become unexplainable and the psychic helps them through getting the son and getting away from what plagues them....or so they hoped.

ix. Zombieland
Quirky, awkward, funny AND zombies. Need I go on?
When a virus arises, an awkward boy must do what he can to survive. He has rules but. as he meets new friends, that changes. He follows these people and they all lead each other into the weirdest, most dangerous situations.

x. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
Another classic that I made my youngest brother watch with me....I can't even pretend to be an adult. I mean, I cry during Brave...every time.A bunch of British siblings get sent to the countryside during WWII and fall into a crazy fantasy in the back of a wardrobe. There's talking animals, a real war and magic beyond their beliefs. It's magical!

Thanks for sticking around pals! Have you seen any of these movies? What should I add to my "to watch" list?


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