Friday, November 18, 2016

sushi date

I’m ecstatic about finally making it out to sushi with one of my good friends earlier this week! Even if you don’t like sushi or fish in general, it’s nice to get out there and experience new things with your pals! Here are some of the products that helped me get ready and stay ready for dinner. Maybe you could tell me how a sushi night of yours went after this little guide! To be done in no particular order:

The biggest thing in my town is deciding WHERE you want to get sushi so my friend and I decided a cute local place where they also serve vegan, vegetarian and even picky eater options. The hardest part for me was deciding what comfy chic clothes I wanted to wear out. I decided on this baggy men’s sweater and this pair of high waisted skinnies. My hair is also another problem usually. So I chose to protect my hair with a good spray before curling my hair away from my face. A great lip that stays on while you’re eating is always a good go to for dinner! Comfy shoes that are really cute are always what I need as well. To pull the overly cozy look together, I went with a simple oversized bag needed to carry my tablet and other bs. Calling is a much bigger thing with my friends and I than we’d care to admit but it’s way easier to see how far you are from the restaurant!


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