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Book Review // Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Last Olympian

Book: Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Last Olympian (Book 5)
Author: Rick Riordan
First Published: May 5, 2009
Genre: Middle Grade/YA
PoV: First Person
Version Read: epub/Ebook
# of Pages: 254
Song With The Same Feeling: Human by Rag'n'Bone Man

"All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of victory are grim. Kronos's army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood he recruits, the evil Titan's power only grows. While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it's up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time. 

In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy's sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate."
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The greatest ending to the demi gods that have consumed my life. This book is incredibly quirky and funny and I whipped through it. The characters all keep to their well written personalities while simultaneously growing. The battle scenes are very easy to navigate even if you're not from NYC thanks to directional and landmark help. The battle scenes are also amazingly fun and energetic. I loved everything about this book!
So the characters all have their flaws and Achilles heels and it's very easy to relate to everyone, including supposed bad guys...Nico, by far, is my absolute favorite! It may be because he's the son of Hades and I love Hades and Persephone but, hey, he's still a cool kid and grows up beautifully despite his tragic past. Also, Luke is one of my favorites...I'm sorry but he is. If you've read any of these books, you might dislike him but I was crying during the last two chapters of this book and I blame Luke Castellan and Rick Riordan.
I'm glad this book ventured more towards young adult because it shows that the middle graders who started with this series also grew through the half-bloods' story. The Last Olympian is relatable and sad and heart warming and intense and hilarious and quirky and very easy to pick up or to want to read again and again.
5 out of 5 glowing, fat balls of gases in space (stars)!!!!!!!!!!

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Current Makeup Wishlist February 2017

I've always been someone who's more into the skincare portion of beauty. I have sooo many tiny empty Lush pots just holding up space in my little room because I either receive them as gifts or forget I bought something the last time I ever went to a Lush. (P.S. my fav Lush location is the one on the Vegas Strip because they've always been so nice anytime I go! Not that any others are awful! Most other locations are way to busy and I never get helped as decently)
Anyway, I never got completely in to makeup. I never owned super nice primer or even brushes. I've been building a collection as of recently, meaning it's been a SLOW process. It started out with two Real Techniques brushes a year and a half ago, then trying out some Tarte Amazonian clay foundation (a favorite!), and now, as of last week, an "expensive" Lorac palette and Urban Decay primer. I've fallen head first, full and heavy into the makeup scene...Now if only I could afford these AMAZING products.

(Disclaimer: In no way am I asking for these products or expecting them as gifts. They are simply products I'd like to try.)


Juvia's Place Nubian Eyeshadow Palette

Violet Voss Holy Grail Eye Shadow Palette

Recently, a very new makeup artist named Marissa Melhorn created this look that people started to steal and not credit. She came out with a tutorial finally after people encouraged her to stand up for what's hers and do what she loves! I think she is a great girl and very witty and gorgeous inside and out. In the look, she uses this palette and I AM WEAK. I absolutely love mattes but this palette also comes with metallic and satins. Apparently Holy Grail is also very similar in color and quality to ABH's Modern Renaissance palette. Same price yet wayyyyyyy more options.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette

Colourpop Presh-adorbs Set
Not just the eyeshadows but the three lippies as well! The only thing missing from the set would be the Bardot blush in this photo. I need ALL of the fall colors!!!


L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

Nyx Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation
I'm actually very excited to try this new product out. I love the dropper and the fact that it comes in so many different colors. I'm just nervous about the runniness of it.

ABH Foundation Stick in Mink
I'm really afraid of testing out contour palettes because everything is usually wayyyyyyy too orange for my skin tone. I want to try out this stick because in photos it seems very gray which I am very in to.
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KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Witches
Another liquid lipstick that I am absolutely neeeeeding! A friend recently let me try this as a swatch and I fell in love. Kat Von D has insanely pigmented, cruelty-free products that come in large selection. It's a bit pricey but it's totally worth the hype.


Morphe Set 686 - 18 Piece Vegan Brush Set
Yes to vegan. Yes to Morphe.

Okay, that should be everything on my makeup hopefuls list. I recently had a huge ulta haul that I didn't post anywhere but maybe I'll get around to? I recently did a Colourpop haul if you wanted to check that out! Thank you x

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ADHD Diaries // 1: Woman with A Disorder

Growing up with two younger brothers and two older brothers has it's ups and downs. Sure, I have a friend for different things at all points. Someone to talk music and growing up with, someone to raise hell with, someone to compete with, someone to spoil and teach, and ALWAYS someone to lean on. But sometimes, I'd forget about myself and what I needed.
In grade school, I remember being constantly pulled out of my classes to go to my younger brothers' classes to talk to them, comfort them. My mum is a single mother who worked three jobs constantly, she couldn't get out of work to handle daily tantrums. My two older brothers were in a completely different school and even then one of them had tantrums of his own and the other was simply over emotional ALL the time. I was pulled from my classes as a child to do an adults job. My two younger brothers have Autism, Aspbergers on the spectrum, one has ADHD and the other has ADD.
I would never complain about this. I actually get along very well with all of my brothers. My two oldest are currently married and off doing their things and my two youngest are doing far better than any of the doctors ever thought they'd mentally be capable of. They have jobs, apartments, and even friends. I would consider them my closest friends. But being the mediator (lol literal middle child) had its toll.
When I was fifteen, I was admitted to a psychiatrist who helped me through a lot of things including depression and anxiety. We got to the root of the problems eventually...Just before college applications, after years of being terrible at homework but amazing at tests, after years of being bad at remembering things, planning things, focusing....At 16 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication to manage it.

Now I'm gonna whip some facts at you. ADHD in women is typically diagnosed later in life, college or adulthood, when the inattention is prominent.  In most children diagnosed, the hyperactivity is very prominent so that's what's looked at first. But most women and girls have the inattentive aspect of the disorder and it goes unseen. Due to this, 50-75% of women go undiagnosed and the delay in this could be life damaging.
Women have been more likely to develop coexisting eating disordersmajor depression and anxiety disorders, and even classroom posttraumatic stress disorders.  Most of this is due to later diagnosis and the timidity of reaching out as a young girl when you have a cognitive problem. Girls in society are seen as the planner, the organizer so the need for help in focusing and planning, thanks to a stigma in culture, are seen as arbitrary by the girl herself. The many undiagnosed women and lack of research is a societal issue that is misplaced and overlooked.

As for an update on my ADHD, I'm getting there. I recently got insurance after not having it for 5 years and it took me a month or so to wait for an appointment with my doctor but it was worth it. The first thing my doctor did was refill my Vyvanse that very day. I've been taking it for about two days and I already feel like I can breathe and I have less worries. I don't know where there is but this feels close to it.

If you related to any of this post, talk to your psychologist or regular practitioner about taking a regulated ADHD test. Sometimes just talking to your doctor about what's going on inside your head, like I did, will prove efficient enough and you won't need to take the timed test.

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Some Single Things To Do On Valentine's Day

I'm single as hell. And so are you, that's why you're here. It's cool, we're fine, we're TOTALLY great!....ha I'm gonna go hug my mom for a second.

The fun, amazing, exciting things you can do:

1. Watch a fricken comedy series that has more than one season
- The benefits of this are laughing, staying in your comfy spot forever and never having to talk to anyone ever again
Check out Parks and Recreation, Santa Clarita Diet, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, just please something funny.

2. Do some fricken face masks!
- Check your local dollar store, walmart, or even diy that bitch and call ya galentine's ladies over
Check out Farah on insta! She has the coolest lookin face and hair masks around.
🤗GLOWING SKIN PEEL🤗 is yo skin dull? dry? textured? peeling? acne? wrinkles? Like mine 😭😩 then dis is the one mask I use that does EVERYTHING. Dis FRUIT ENZYME PEEL is dope cuz it gently peels + reveal perfect looking skin! This mask will make yo skin look naturally airbrushed!! U NEED: ✅Pumpkin Puree - 1 cup ✅UNRIPE papaya (no seeds) - 1 cup ✅1 EGG store leftovers in fridge 🌪Blend until smooth +creamy..chunky = wasteful + hard to apply 🌝Apply to clean face -AVOID EYE AND LIP AREA! ⏰Leave on: 7-20 min-depends on your skin - this is an acid peel so it tingles and gets slightly warm 💦Wipe off with damp washcloth - I use microfibre 🖖🏾DO DIS ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS IF YOUR SKIN ISNT SENSITIVE 🖖🏾DO DIS ONCE A MONTH IF YOUR SKIN IS SENSITIVE 😴*best to do dis before bed* Wake up with: GLOWING JUICY ACNE and DARK SPOT FREE skin. Itll be even, no discoloration, no dark spots + smoothen wrinkles, itll hydrate.. list GOES ON! *this will kill the acne seed and prevent it from getting any bigger, so the next day your acne will be flattened and cuz this is a peel itll make sure that acne doesnt scar or leave a dark mark. The redness and acne mark will take a day or two to go away. Nothing worth doing happens overnight (most of da time) WHY YOU NEED TO DO DIS: Pumpkin- full of B vitamins - niacin for treating acne, improve circulation, increase cell renewal to reveal beautiful skin, contains zinc which is IMPORTANT to maintain collagen (forever young skin) HIGH in antioxidants and vitamin C - amazing for fighting wrinkles + keep skin young, juicy + glowy Papaya- lightens dark spots +discoloration to give you even skin tone, high in vitamin A -heals dry skin, makes aging skin look young contains an enzyme called PAPAIN-KEY to lightening skin (discoloration) anti aging and exfoliating - also stops facial hair growth, repairs damaged skin Egg- binding agent, softens skin, helps with pores and oiliness Avoid sun exposure after doing this. 1 TIME ENZYME PEEL AT SPA: $115+ BUY THIS MASK FROM A COMPANY: $35+ DIY PEEL COST: $9 with MULTI time use. Save dem dolla dolla billz yall. ❤️Sharing is caring tag a friend in need 👇🏽 + like dis vid fam! Disclaimer: always test patch 1st.
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3. Probably do something of great importance
- taxes, call a family member, clean your apartment, go for a walk, love your pet

4. Learn to cook something awesome!
- something from a new culture, something you've always wanted to try, something that will taste great with that entire bottle of wine you're definitely going to drink no matter what anyone else says

5. In the words of the greats Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, TREAT YOSELF!
- that's right, fill up your cart in the beauty section, deli, home goods secrion! If you're not willing to leave your home, fill your carts online and laugh at the price tag and then delete half of it until you're comfy. Just do it because you deserve it!

Okay, that's all I have for you that could possibly be exciting. I'm honestly the most introverted slytherin in the world and I'm going to sit around reading while petting my dogs :) P.S. I was not drunk writing this... x

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Mini Lush Haul February 2017

My mum recently went to Las Vegas to hang out my aunt who lives in Alaska. Why they met in Vegas? Just some fun I suppose? One morning while she was still there, I got a text from mum...Where's Lush and what scents do you want?

Now, my mum knooooowws that is my absolute favorite Lush location that I've been to (out of say...10 in the whole country?). So I quick did research and thought of what's up with my face lately. Honestly, I would've asked for straight bath bombs had it not been for pimples where I put my contour. So I messaged her...OMG OMG OK Mum, the Cup O'Coffee mask looks real good but so does the Dark Angels cleanser....hmmm....
Mum then proceeded to send me selfies of her in the store and videos of someone testing the bath bombs. I was dying while sitting in cold North Dakota, wrapped in a huge duvet and crying over hot coffee.

Long story short, I didn't expect my mum's gift let alone gifts:

i. Cup O'Coffee face and body mask

ii. Dark Angels face and body cleanser

iii. Dragon's Egg bath bomb

I'm pretty happy with the use of the mask and cleaner so far but haven't gotten to the bath bomb because I get so sad yet happy when I use them up :) I hope to get some of the valentine's specials or spring themed things but we'll see!

I have a mini haul of Colourpop items coming up as well so watch out for that! Make sure to subcrive via Bloglovin to see every post as soon as it's posted! Thank you!

Photos are all mine x

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First Colourpop Experience and Mini Haul

On the third of February, I was sitting on my phone while shoveling heaps of pasta and breadsticks into my mouth. I was sitting in the middle of Olive Garden's all you can eat lunch while online shopping... is a really neat makeup company based in LA that I've seen all over instagram, twitter and my friends' makeup bags. They also show their products on an array of skin tones and feature makeup artists and models of color. I decided go finally check out the hype!

First, the website was insanely easy to navigate even around stuffing my face. Everything is labeled accordingly, tons of options and even a sale section (as if this already amazingly cheap makeup needed to be any easier on my wallet???).  A pop up came up that said I could get $5 off if I subscribed via email that day and, knowing I was already in too deep, I signed right the fuck up.
I picked out 2 matte lippie stix, 1 sheer lippie stix, 1 ultra matte lip and 1 super shock highlighter. All of this came up to only $28.70(USD) even with shipping and with that neat code, it came to a grand total of $23.70! I went through the process and couldn't wait until I got my package!

The cool thing about Colourpop is that they give you a tracking code for your package. You get an estimated delivery date, a map where said package is, the whole shebang! I'm not sure if this is the same internationally but they do ship within 3-5 business days and the deliver takes 3-5 days in the US, 10-21 internationally. Pretty neat, huh? I got these confirmation emails when my package shipped and when it was out for delivery:
Delivered the day it was supposed to, I was pumped! Here are some (edited) photos of the packaging and what was included:

The packaging was a little messed tf up but everything inside was unharmed, even the delicate thank you note and info booklet. The booklet is actually like an instruction manual aka how to get the best out of whichever product you bought from them. It's really helpful actually.

Here are some swatches in natural light:

Sheer Lippie Stix in Tiger - I actually bought this thinking it was a matte so Im kind of disappointed. But for a sheer, it's nice.
Matte Lippie Stix in Tutu -Very similar to the Creature lippie but has a more red base and is harder to get off completely
Matte Lippie Stix in Creature - I've actually tried this before thanks to a friend when we went out one night and I absolutely fell in love with the formula and color!

Ultra Matte Lip in Succulent - Whoa mama! An orangey red, the formula dries too fast to properly even it out and it's soooo hard to get off but it stays on nice and doesn't crack or fade!

Super Shock Highlighter in Do Not Disturb - Calling this a highlighter is stupid...the website photo definitely looks lighter and with more shimmer. Honestly, the feel of it's really soft and lightweight. I'll definitely use it as a bronzer after a tan!

I love the smell of the Lippie Stix. It's like chocolaty vanilla-y goodness and completely smooth! The Ultra Matte has a unique formula that you definitely need to exfoliate the lips for. It's very light and isn't cracking and stays put MUCH better than the Lippies. The highlighter is very smooth and creamy. These are just my first impressions after swatch in and trying on!

I hope to try out the Ultra Satin Lip and the Super Shock shadows after feeling these formulas! I'm a definite lover of this brand. They're incredibly cheap and there's even more discounts once you look into it, the colors are vibrant and pigmented, most of the formulas are smooth and apply evenly, and there's soooo much to choose from. I love this company!

Header image from pinterest. Other photos (taken on a shitty tablet, edited with Insta and Fotor app) and screenshots are my own. x

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Review

Hello, my name's Nat. I am 22 years old and I don't have a life. If you didn't know, NOW YA KNOW! And before you ask, yes I did finish a series that's entirety came out a total of a week ago......Again, I'll go over the second half of the second sentence above!

Anyway, let's get into this bizzzzzzz:

You may think I'm way to peppy to begin talking about a show about a suburban zombie tale. Yep, that's what happens. Mom aka Sheila Hammond, the bright shining star that is Drew Barrymore, develops a......knack of, fresh, people. No one knows how she died or how to get her back to normal, how to feed her and keep it quiet or how any of this freaking works but the fam, husband Joel and daughter Abby, are on the case.

Santa Clarita Diet is created by Victor Fresco and also stars Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond. Each episode is about 30 minutes long but tragically there's only 10 episodes in this first season.

Alright, real talk. This show is probably the funniest take on zombie culture I've seen EVER. Let's just say that The Walking Dead, which I love!, is on the complete other end of the WAY, WAY far down there. I mean, there is some blood and a bit of guts and some fingers in a blender but everything's done in a way where it's almost awkwardly literal? You still feel the disgust of gore but the hilariously sarcastic family normalizes this to the point where it's dumb if you don't.

The characters are hilarious. My favorite has to be the nerdy neighbor Eric who has an unbelievably obvious crush on Abby Hammond and I'm honestly rooting for him. Speaking of crushes, someone's husband dies and a nice lady comforts said widow and the chemistry is SOOOOO OBVIOUS and in your face that you root for them, you HAVE to! And the minor characters are just as good, witty and freaking awesome! I love the casting and acting choices.

I want to say that the only bad thing about this show is how awkward it can be. I mean it's not on the level of The Office's almost got a New Girl vibe aka ALMOST over the edge but still around to kick ya in your giggles.

I'm really glad I sat down and finished this in a day, honestly. My stepdad, a new to nerdities and geeking out amateur, was the one who started watching it the day it came out and he restarted the first episode for me despite the fact that he was on episode three. My mom and stepdad and I got to watch this as a family and it was really fun and brought us all together in a weird way. Well, at least we know what to do when my mom starts eating people....

I give it: 12 out of 13 hens on ice... x

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why Neutrality Isn't Okay

Hey so you usually don't post politically, so what? You don't have an opinion on x problem or y's decision during that day when the giant z happened. You thought it would eventually be alright, right? No need to get involved?

Something that I've struggled with all through high school up until recently is being too agreeable. I was never really lying because I never talked and when I did talk, it was a joke or something witty and fun to move the conversation elsewhere. The problem wasn't that I'd let things slide or that I thought something was bad but someone would be mad if I made a big deal out of something. No, I had an issue with genuinely committing to ideas or thoughts. I knew or thought I knew I would change my mind later and be wrong in that moment. The odd thing was these were once all small things like if I liked a band or not, if I was going to a party next week, who I liked. I was completely awkward and anxious as can be in high school and it just HURTS thinking about a time where I was a giant walking neutral zone.

As I grew older, my opinions on bigger problems were needed. Where I was going to school, who to vote for, was I going to continue going to church if at all. A lot of strange things I wasn't used to having to stand for. Women's rights, social issues seen as burdens, animal rights, abuse, hate...things actually needed to be talked about that, up until now, I'd avoided.

I am 22 years old, I am a bisexual women of color in a Republican state in a country that's being "run" by an obviously oppressive man who wants what's easy and beneficial for him. Not saying something when it needs to be said or put right is not what I'm used to doing but it's time I do. Hiding isn't an option for me when there are many ways I can peacefully and to a point respectfully make a stand.

Being neutral is not okay. Being neutral let's people walk over other people, your friends, people you've never met but probably get along with, even you. It's a form of letting oppressive people get what they want because it's easier than nipping it in the bud. It might be easier to be okay with EVERYTHING but it the long haul....everyone gets hurt.

Standing by while an elder makes racists jokes, not talking when someone is telling you why you should give him a chance, awkwardly laughing when a maybe friend makes a sexist joke, shrugging away a antisemetic comment you accidently overheard, letting someone talk down about someone else's sexuality or gender, these are not options. Letting oppression happen isn't an option. Neutrality isn't an option.

Image from A Practical Wedding (three women @ a Baltimore BLM protest in 2015)

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clinquant // a playlist for february '17

Been a while again? :) Here's an insane amount of tunes to keep you busy while I write up more reviews, ranting posts, watch more movies, tv shows and read, read, read! More to come, little bubs!!!

adj. glittering with gold and silver; tinseled
23 songs // 96 minutes

It's time I try to see the gold in the dark. This music has helped me get through alot this month. Some nonpersonal and also very personal aspects of my life are suffering but I still have those close to me and time. I'll be okay! x

(Photo from