Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Colourpop Experience and Mini Haul

On the third of February, I was sitting on my phone while shoveling heaps of pasta and breadsticks into my mouth. I was sitting in the middle of Olive Garden's all you can eat lunch while online shopping... is a really neat makeup company based in LA that I've seen all over instagram, twitter and my friends' makeup bags. They also show their products on an array of skin tones and feature makeup artists and models of color. I decided go finally check out the hype!

First, the website was insanely easy to navigate even around stuffing my face. Everything is labeled accordingly, tons of options and even a sale section (as if this already amazingly cheap makeup needed to be any easier on my wallet???).  A pop up came up that said I could get $5 off if I subscribed via email that day and, knowing I was already in too deep, I signed right the fuck up.
I picked out 2 matte lippie stix, 1 sheer lippie stix, 1 ultra matte lip and 1 super shock highlighter. All of this came up to only $28.70(USD) even with shipping and with that neat code, it came to a grand total of $23.70! I went through the process and couldn't wait until I got my package!

The cool thing about Colourpop is that they give you a tracking code for your package. You get an estimated delivery date, a map where said package is, the whole shebang! I'm not sure if this is the same internationally but they do ship within 3-5 business days and the deliver takes 3-5 days in the US, 10-21 internationally. Pretty neat, huh? I got these confirmation emails when my package shipped and when it was out for delivery:
Delivered the day it was supposed to, I was pumped! Here are some (edited) photos of the packaging and what was included:

The packaging was a little messed tf up but everything inside was unharmed, even the delicate thank you note and info booklet. The booklet is actually like an instruction manual aka how to get the best out of whichever product you bought from them. It's really helpful actually.

Here are some swatches in natural light:

Sheer Lippie Stix in Tiger - I actually bought this thinking it was a matte so Im kind of disappointed. But for a sheer, it's nice.
Matte Lippie Stix in Tutu -Very similar to the Creature lippie but has a more red base and is harder to get off completely
Matte Lippie Stix in Creature - I've actually tried this before thanks to a friend when we went out one night and I absolutely fell in love with the formula and color!

Ultra Matte Lip in Succulent - Whoa mama! An orangey red, the formula dries too fast to properly even it out and it's soooo hard to get off but it stays on nice and doesn't crack or fade!

Super Shock Highlighter in Do Not Disturb - Calling this a highlighter is stupid...the website photo definitely looks lighter and with more shimmer. Honestly, the feel of it's really soft and lightweight. I'll definitely use it as a bronzer after a tan!

I love the smell of the Lippie Stix. It's like chocolaty vanilla-y goodness and completely smooth! The Ultra Matte has a unique formula that you definitely need to exfoliate the lips for. It's very light and isn't cracking and stays put MUCH better than the Lippies. The highlighter is very smooth and creamy. These are just my first impressions after swatch in and trying on!

I hope to try out the Ultra Satin Lip and the Super Shock shadows after feeling these formulas! I'm a definite lover of this brand. They're incredibly cheap and there's even more discounts once you look into it, the colors are vibrant and pigmented, most of the formulas are smooth and apply evenly, and there's soooo much to choose from. I love this company!

Header image from pinterest. Other photos (taken on a shitty tablet, edited with Insta and Fotor app) and screenshots are my own. x


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