Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mini Lush Haul February 2017

My mum recently went to Las Vegas to hang out my aunt who lives in Alaska. Why they met in Vegas? Just some fun I suppose? One morning while she was still there, I got a text from mum...Where's Lush and what scents do you want?

Now, my mum knooooowws that is my absolute favorite Lush location that I've been to (out of say...10 in the whole country?). So I quick did research and thought of what's up with my face lately. Honestly, I would've asked for straight bath bombs had it not been for pimples where I put my contour. So I messaged her...OMG OMG OK Mum, the Cup O'Coffee mask looks real good but so does the Dark Angels cleanser....hmmm....
Mum then proceeded to send me selfies of her in the store and videos of someone testing the bath bombs. I was dying while sitting in cold North Dakota, wrapped in a huge duvet and crying over hot coffee.

Long story short, I didn't expect my mum's gift let alone gifts:

i. Cup O'Coffee face and body mask

ii. Dark Angels face and body cleanser

iii. Dragon's Egg bath bomb

I'm pretty happy with the use of the mask and cleaner so far but haven't gotten to the bath bomb because I get so sad yet happy when I use them up :) I hope to get some of the valentine's specials or spring themed things but we'll see!

I have a mini haul of Colourpop items coming up as well so watch out for that! Make sure to subcrive via Bloglovin to see every post as soon as it's posted! Thank you!

Photos are all mine x


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