Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Some Single Things To Do On Valentine's Day

I'm single as hell. And so are you, that's why you're here. It's cool, we're fine, we're TOTALLY great!....ha I'm gonna go hug my mom for a second.

The fun, amazing, exciting things you can do:

1. Watch a fricken comedy series that has more than one season
- The benefits of this are laughing, staying in your comfy spot forever and never having to talk to anyone ever again
Check out Parks and Recreation, Santa Clarita Diet, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, just please something funny.

2. Do some fricken face masks!
- Check your local dollar store, walmart, or even diy that bitch and call ya galentine's ladies over
Check out Farah on insta! She has the coolest lookin face and hair masks around.
🤗GLOWING SKIN PEEL🤗 is yo skin dull? dry? textured? peeling? acne? wrinkles? Like mine 😭😩 then dis is the one mask I use that does EVERYTHING. Dis FRUIT ENZYME PEEL is dope cuz it gently peels + reveal perfect looking skin! This mask will make yo skin look naturally airbrushed!! U NEED: ✅Pumpkin Puree - 1 cup ✅UNRIPE papaya (no seeds) - 1 cup ✅1 EGG store leftovers in fridge 🌪Blend until smooth +creamy..chunky = wasteful + hard to apply 🌝Apply to clean face -AVOID EYE AND LIP AREA! ⏰Leave on: 7-20 min-depends on your skin - this is an acid peel so it tingles and gets slightly warm 💦Wipe off with damp washcloth - I use microfibre 🖖🏾DO DIS ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS IF YOUR SKIN ISNT SENSITIVE 🖖🏾DO DIS ONCE A MONTH IF YOUR SKIN IS SENSITIVE 😴*best to do dis before bed* Wake up with: GLOWING JUICY ACNE and DARK SPOT FREE skin. Itll be even, no discoloration, no dark spots + smoothen wrinkles, itll hydrate.. list GOES ON! *this will kill the acne seed and prevent it from getting any bigger, so the next day your acne will be flattened and cuz this is a peel itll make sure that acne doesnt scar or leave a dark mark. The redness and acne mark will take a day or two to go away. Nothing worth doing happens overnight (most of da time) WHY YOU NEED TO DO DIS: Pumpkin- full of B vitamins - niacin for treating acne, improve circulation, increase cell renewal to reveal beautiful skin, contains zinc which is IMPORTANT to maintain collagen (forever young skin) HIGH in antioxidants and vitamin C - amazing for fighting wrinkles + keep skin young, juicy + glowy Papaya- lightens dark spots +discoloration to give you even skin tone, high in vitamin A -heals dry skin, makes aging skin look young contains an enzyme called PAPAIN-KEY to lightening skin (discoloration) anti aging and exfoliating - also stops facial hair growth, repairs damaged skin Egg- binding agent, softens skin, helps with pores and oiliness Avoid sun exposure after doing this. 1 TIME ENZYME PEEL AT SPA: $115+ BUY THIS MASK FROM A COMPANY: $35+ DIY PEEL COST: $9 with MULTI time use. Save dem dolla dolla billz yall. ❤️Sharing is caring tag a friend in need 👇🏽 + like dis vid fam! Disclaimer: always test patch 1st.
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3. Probably do something of great importance
- taxes, call a family member, clean your apartment, go for a walk, love your pet

4. Learn to cook something awesome!
- something from a new culture, something you've always wanted to try, something that will taste great with that entire bottle of wine you're definitely going to drink no matter what anyone else says

5. In the words of the greats Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, TREAT YOSELF!
- that's right, fill up your cart in the beauty section, deli, home goods secrion! If you're not willing to leave your home, fill your carts online and laugh at the price tag and then delete half of it until you're comfy. Just do it because you deserve it!

Okay, that's all I have for you that could possibly be exciting. I'm honestly the most introverted slytherin in the world and I'm going to sit around reading while petting my dogs :) P.S. I was not drunk writing this... x

First photo from tumblr and didn't have a credit link. Last photo from those Buzzfeed bitches.


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